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Roundtable – The Future of Work- Robots, AI and Job Displacement

As the robots rise, we are faced with the End of Jobs, but not in the way you might think…so says our next featured guest Jeff Wald, Founder of Work Market and author of The End of Jobs: The Rise of On-Demand Workers and Agile Corporations. While this may seem more like the opener of… Read more »

Roundtable – HR Tech 2020 Recap

We will be discussing what’s hot and what’s not from this year’s HR Tech Conference with TalentRise’s SVP & Talent Consulting Practice Lead, Carl Kutsmode and Andrew Gadomski, Managing Director of Aspen Analytics. Get the run down of everything we are talking about from HR Tech week and things you may have missed!  Be sure to… Read more »

Roundtable – How to Play Talent Acquisition Moneyball

Are you looking for A list team members but maybe you don’t have an A list budget? Or, are you losing your number one candidates to brands like Google, Amazon and Facebook because they have the cache and your organization is up and coming? Guess what?  You’re not going to win the talent playing their… Read more »

Roundtable – New Technology: How Blockchain and AI Are Impacting HR

Over the past few years our industry has seen an explosion of AI HR Tech solutions and now blockchain is also arriving on the HR Tech scene. We have brought to the Roundtable a panel of experts to discuss the impact of these technologies in recruiting and what is to come. Will a major hire… Read more »

Roundtable – How to Delete Bias From Your Job Description

Job descriptions are the currency of recruiting.  We can’t hire without them!  On Thursday JobSync will be joined by Katrina Kibben CEO and Founder of Three Ears Media, a firm dedicated to teaching recruiters to be better communicators and writers. Katrina will discuss the key elements to writing an amazing unbiased job description.  They will… Read more »

Roundtable – How to Hire for Culture Add

Join JobSync as we talk with Cynthia Trivella, Managing Partner at TalentCulture. a thriving community of professionals interested in all facets of the world of work, where technology plays a role and how culture drives the workplace. Cyndy has been recognized as one of the most influential people in the HR space by HRMarketer (Advos) the… Read more »

Roundtable – Job Aggregators Are Killing Your Candidate’s Experience

Join JobSync as we talk with Graham Thornton, Co-Founder of Change State as he challenges attendees to be a “candidate for a day” and experience how job aggregators are killing your candidate’s experience. Graham will discuss the negative impact of how job aggregators scrape jobs and create a circle of jobs sending candidates from aggregator to… Read more »

Roundtable – Increasing the Quality of the Candidate Slate

Join JobSync as we talk with Jeff Weidner,CEO of Popmix Media and former VP of Product Innovation at Monster about his technique to nurture and engage the highest quality candidates. Jeff will share how thinking like a marketer, focusing on nurturing sequences and developing a content calendar gives hiring managers a competitive advantage and increases… Read more »

Roundtable – Making Recruiting More Human

Join JobSync as we talk with Robin Schooling, Managing Partner at the Peridus Group and globally renowned speaker at HR and TA events as she reminds all of us that organizations are made of living, breathing human beings and each application represents a person.  We have the opportunity to impact people’s lives while also helping our organizations… Read more »

Data Literacy for HR Professionals

There is a misconception today that you need to be a data scientist and be working with AI or some other analytics tool to create HR measurements that connect to better HR practices and overall better business outcomes.  It’s simply not true. Join JobSync this week as we talk with Piyanka Jain, CEO Aryng and author of  “Behind Every Good… Read more »