Roundtable – Evolution of Video In TA

We have all seen the 2 minute overview videos of an organization. That’s where it all started but, today we are using video communication much like we use email. This year in many cases video has replaced in person meetings in the hiring process. Now that video is an essential communication tool it is time to take a moment and step back and look at it more strategically with this week’s featured guests Maury Hanigan, CEO SparcStart and Bram Tierie, Co-Founder at Flipbase.

They will discuss-

  1. How are employers using video in the apply process?

  2. How can video messaging be an effective tool in the hiring process?

  3. How do job seekers respond to the use of video in the interview process?

  4. What are the biggest challenges and benefits of using video?

If the only video tool you are using is zoom in the hiring process this Roundtable is for you!

As always- No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Maury has combined her background in technology, marketing and recruiting to create a powerful tool to attract candidates. She has been named as one of the most powerful women in HR Technology, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and industry events.


Bram Tierie – Flipbase was born with the idea of taking the recruitment game to a new level.