Every recruiting team has a problem we have solved.

Our vision is to create a simple, seamless, customized and secure hiring experience for employers and candidates.


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CEO & Co-Founder

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Chief Technology Officer

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Our goal is to build a more connected Talent Acquisition ecosystem, that works for recruitment and talent acquisition, not a one-size fits no one solution. Our solutions are built to help people find rewarding work and help companies find and keep the talent they need to thrive. With thousands of vendors serving millions of companies, creating efficient, effective, and scalable workflow solutions that work for candidates, recruiters and HR professionals is harder than ever. Our service oriented, ‘always find a yes’ mindset guides our decision making, empowers our team, and ultimately enables us to support your candidates and recruiters, and our community.

Alex Murphy, CEO, JobSync


‘Our core values’ starts with the word, “our.” Meaning they come from everyone in the organization. That also means they will evolve, like people, over time and will continually be a representation of who we are and who we want to be.

Outlined below are five values that embody not just who we are collectively today, but who we aspire to be. Values do not mean perfection. They really speak to who we are as well as our ideals. They represent the things we hold as being important to ourselves, our families, our communities and thus they come together in our organization. Writing down the core values we share says to our clients, to each other, and to those that may want to work with us in the future, these are the things that matter to us.

Further, these values are commitments. They are the commitments we make to each other, our clients, and our broader community. They are the lens through which we will evaluate which projects to work on, the quality and success of our efforts, and our performance as a team.

Humans first starts with empathy and comes from a place of being humble. Always seeking to understand and starting with you rather than me.

We are all human, and our people-first approach aims to create solutions that have a positive result for all the stakeholders of our services, including candidates, recruiters, Talent Acquisition leaders, partners, and our own team members. We approach everything from a place of humility to recognize that what works for one may not work for another. We seek out a diversity of backgrounds in thoughts and approach as well as experiences, cultures, and points of view; and we celebrate new and different ways of solving problems. While we are never perfect, we constantly seek to improve ourselves and everyone around us. We always seek to do the right thing, even when it is hard.

Positive results, every day.

We focus on meaningful results that create a positive impact for our clients and team that are clear and measurable. Improvements are most often a result of small changes made daily, combined with big leaps of innovation that change the game! We constantly seek new ways to make improvements in our technology, our processes, and our communication to generate positive results for our clients.

We are accountable to ourselves, each other, and you, whether you are a candidate, our customer, our partner, or our team.

We do what we say we will do, and when we say we will do it. We approach every situation with the clarity that each situation is different and the details matter! We over-communicate and provide clear details to set you and each other up for success. We are transparent with each other even when the information is difficult to hear. We celebrate each other’s successes. And when we fall down and fail to deliver on our commitments, we let people know as soon as possible, admit and own those failures, and work tirelessly to rectify them.

Security is in our fabric.

We believe security is woven into everything we build and do. Any approach to security is only as strong as the weakest point in the system, and like a strong mesh, our approach seeks to create a strong posture of security across the entire solution we deliver. For us, security is the reduction of risk, in all its forms. Our security posture starts with the protection of all personal information and data about all the people our systems support, which includes compliance and legal considerations. Our conservative approach to data management, the application of best-in-class security standards, and a relentless approach to protect all forms of data means your security is assured.

Respect is earned, every day. With respect, trust follows.

We are kind, thoughtful, open, and respectful. Respect leads to positive relationships, where sharing and communication thrive. We seek to consistently build positive interactions that demonstrate good judgment on our stakeholders’ behalf and earn the trust that is needed to foster a long term relationship with our clients and team. This starts with a safe and inclusive environment that recognizes that everyone has different strengths, skills, and backgrounds and something positive to contribute. We acknowledge that we all have different styles of communication, and that our individual circumstances may be different. We are first and foremost empathetic to each other, knowing we don’t always know what the person on the other end of the conversation may be going through.