Delivering qualified candidates to your clients is your #1 job; getting them into recruiters' workflows is ours.

JobSync’s Hiring Operations Platform manages the integration, connecting your Quick Apply experience with your customers’ ATSs, and managing each customer’s unique set-up and needs.

JobSync puts candidates’ applications directly into the ATS systems your clients use and automates how candidates are delivered to recruiters, with accurate source tracking to make sure you get the credit you deserve, and the hiring status set for a recruiter to take action immediately.

Getting conversions from Applicant to Hire is the primary success metric for both you and your clients. JobSync builds the bridge that increases candidate conversions by 200%+ and accelerates the hiring process.

Get your clients into the Goldilocks zone, with more quality candidates applying through quick apply process, enriched with ATS job-level questions, and candidates’ applications delivered into your clients’ ATS.

Convert More Candidates.

Sending candidates to your clients’ career sites reduces the number of applications completed; keeping the application experience on your job site is a win-win for you and your client.

JobSync’s solution enables your clients to maximize the volume of applications while emulating the key experiences on the ATS that ensure quality and compliance such as job-specific screening questions and a complete EEOC process.

Better Quality

Increase the quality of candidate pool for your clients by emulating the ATS application questions in the quick apply workflow.

Increase Speed to First Contact

Candidates are automatically added to their ATS or CRM, and/or email routed to hiring managers to help clients contact the right candidates, fast.

Adaptive Workflows

JobSync works within client’s existing process, tools, and workflows to make life easier for your recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.


Enable APIs to add job content and job-level questions.

JobSync extracts applicants with profile details, resumes and answers to the profile and job-level questions.

JobSync provides job content, enriched with required additional profile, job-level and other required data capture elements.

JobSync manages duplicates, proper statusing, source tracking, EEOC and TCPA data requirements, etc. as JobSync imports candidate data into the client’s ATS.