Connected Applications + Process Automation = Magic!

You need more quality candidates to complete your job applications.

JobSync makes that happen.

JobSync connects your existing job sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter and your career site directly into your ATS. Candidates answer your job specific questions on integrated full applies, then JobSync delivers candidates directly to your recruiters, in your ATS, and automates manual recruitment tasks your ATS doesn’t handle.

JobSync gets you connected.

JobSync Data Normalization

JobSync Rules Engine


Enterprise ATS & CRM

Take your recruitment to the next level by working within your ATS process. JobSync leverages your ATS’s APIs to integrate and optimize your top of funnel recruitment processes.

Job Sites

Tap into new sources of candidates (such as mobile traffic) and enable your job sites to provide a mobile friendly and optimized candidate experience. Remove logins, unnecessary questions and other reasons candidates abandon your application process.

Mid-Market ATS

Adapt your ATS to the process that makes your business scale. JobSync works alongside your ATS’s integrations to make process and integration options available that have previously been difficult to work with.

Recruitment Solutions

Connect with your programmatic, text messaging, CRMs, chat bots and other sourcing vendors.

And then JobSync automates you!

Specialty Automations

Integrated Full Apply

Turn any job site into an Easy Apply with our connected integrated direct application pages.

Job Selector

Easily select which jobs are included in your sponsored listings, campaigns or job slots.

Application Router

Route applications to recruiters, onsite hiring managers, storefront or restaurant leaders or other hiring managers directly in tandem with your ATS integrations.

Evergreen Job Management

Refresh jobs (as permitted by your job sites).

Title and Geographic Expansions

Create new job requisition based on a set of titles, locations, geo areas, or exclusions.