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Increase your volume of
quality candidates without
breaking your recruiters.

The advantages of a customized solution,
delivered at the speed and price of a SaaS solution.

Your ATS helps your recruiters get candidates through to hire. JobSync gets more of those quality candidates to them quickly and automated for your business’ needs.

More Sources
Connect to multiple job sites, enhancing each with your questions and your rules.

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More Candidates
ATS redirects increase applicant abandonment. With JobSync, candidates have a seamless experience, getting your recruiters the volume of candidates they need to reach their hiring goals.

Higher Quality
Don’t sacrifice quality by turning on quick apply, instead emulate the job-level questions, allowing knock-out questions and screening data for your recruiters, increasing volume and quality.

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Adaptive Workflows
JobSync works within your existing process, tools and workflows to make life easier for your recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.

Rapid Implementation
A standard approach allows JobSync to get you up and running quickly, with more qualified candidates to your recruiters.

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website graphics enterprise ats.png

Improve Candidate Experience
Eliminate logins, optional questions, clicks, new pages and other barriers that keep candidates from applying.

Turn on your ATS to your job site’s easy apply functionality.


Increase quality with all job-level questions answered.

Use workflow efficiency tools to eliminate manual recruiter tasks.

Get more candidates from your job sites.

Improve recruiter’s productivity by delivering candidates with answers to questions directly to the ATS.

Decrease time to hire with text message automation directly following the application.

JobSync has given us a competitive advantage for sourcing talent. In one week, our applications went up 304% from Indeed alone.


JobSync has removed the friction in our apply process and saved recruiter time by powering our complete application on Indeed including custom questions and then delivering application data to our ATS.

Rita Kelly, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Acelero Learning

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More tools, less problems! 



JobSync works with all major programmatic platforms to add easy apply with dynamic questions to the jobs to major job boards.

Integrated Career Sites

Text Messaging

Integrated text messaging, TCPA compliance and more increase candidate engagement by 3x and decrease time to connect to minutes.

Take your career site to the next level by eliminating log-ins, and unnecessary data capture, and improving the accuracy of your source attribution.

Organic Traffic

Indeed, Zip,, and other organic sources.

Facebook Ads

Drive high volume applicants from the world's largest source of potential candidates.

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