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Full applications from job board Easy Applies that you already use - fully EEO and OFCCP compliant.

Optimized Applicant Experience

JobSync automates the integration of employers’ ATSs and the job sites they use, resulting in 2-5x fully completed applications, improving the applicant and candidate experience, and eliminating hours of wasted recruiters’ time from manual tasks every day.

Enable a seamless apply process.

Because you need more than just more candidates.
Hire faster, improve the candidate and recruiter experience, and increase the ROI on your job advertising spend.

An interconnected ecosystem that includes more than job boards. JobSync connects programmatic, text messaging, custom automations, and other solutions to your ATS.

Up to 2-5X more qualified candidates at the top of the funnel

Get back up to 10 hours per week per recruiter

Reduce your Cost per Applicant by 45%+

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Been there, connected that. 

JobSync’s team has integrated thousands of recruitment applications from the top of the funnel to the bottom, job boards and sourcing solutions to off boarding. We speak API, XML and S3, because integrating your recruitment solutions and building your workflow automation requires a deep understanding of technology and content, respect for your existing processes, your candidates, and your unique ATS set-up.

The Goldilocks Zone of the Application Process

Maximize the impact and performance of your Job Advertising by creating the optimal application experience.

Easy Apply

Too Many Unqualified
Candidates Zone

Easy Apply generates volume, but with no data, recruiters can't determine who to call

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Easy apply gets you easy volume; but, with only a basic profile and masked email address, your recruiters have insufficient information to screen effectively, and too many applicants that aren’t a good enough match.

Integrated Native Apply

The Goldilocks

Maximize the number of candidates AND get the screening questions you need answered.

Emulate the application from your ATS on the job board and get both the volume you want from Easy Apply but with the answers to your questions, and the quality candidates delivered to your ATS.


 ATS Apply Path

Too Few Candidates

Taking candidates to the ATS apply gets you all the info you need, but not enough actual applicants.


Candidates leave job sites, go to career sites, to apply on the ATS, all of which create friction and abandonment, generating too few applicants.

Recruitment Marketing Orchestration ™

JobSync's Recruitment Marketing Orchestration platform seamlessly integrates your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with the publishers and job boards that you use to source candidates. By automating the syncing process of your entire application, including screening and compliance questions, candidates can utilize their existing profile information to complete the application process through the native application experience on the job board. Completed applications are then directly delivered to your ATS. With JobSync, you can expect to see a significant increase in conversion rates, greater exposure for your job postings on key job sites, an enhanced candidate experience, and a reduction in manual work for your recruiters.

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"JobSync is a gamechanger. The Native Apply shortens the candidate journey between our job sites and our recruiters and increases our applicant conversions. The volume of applicants with the same budget is higher and the quality of candidates is without a doubt better since using JobSync.


The integration process was easy and the customer support is excellent. Since we started using JobSync our business has grown more than 300%!"

Anthony Perez, Owner / Operations, Direct Dental Staffing

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Join Us For Our Next Roundtable

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We are being joined by Leah Daniels, Alex Murphy, and a mystery guest!


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