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Power your TA Strategy with bespoke integrations and automation

Connect the systems you use to recruit to accelerate your Talent Acquisition digital transformation.

Leading Companies Who Trust JobSync

Why JobSync

Excessive friction and repetitive manual work are widespread in every step of the talent acquisition process. From the application process for candidates to the repetitive tasks done by recruiters to manage job postings, screen applicants, and schedule interviews. 


JobSync is the automation platform for talent acquisition teams that require:

  • An organic first approach to finding talent

  • Transparent process, pricing, and a highly secure environment

  • More applicants to hit their hiring goals

  • An integrated native apply experience on job boards

  • Support for job board hosted applications

  • A better application experience on their career site

  • Source tracking to be accurate and in the ATS

  • To get applications out of their recruiters' email inboxes

  • Compliance built in for EEO, OFCCP, TCPA, GDPR & CCPA

JobSync integrates with dozens of different recruiting systems built for the enterprise.

How does JobSync deliver the application experience candidates want and the applicants recruiters need?

By creating efficiency through bespoke integrations and automation that delight candidates applying to jobs on job sites and deliver qualified (and fully complete) applications to recruiters working in their existing systems.

JobSync Map.png



Increase Applicant Volume & Stay Compliant

Learn how JobSync got The Davey Tree Expert Company a 30% increase in applications on all jobs for their most profitable service line while maintaining OFCCP compliance.


Revolutionize talent acquisition with tailor-made integrations and cutting-edge automation.

What Success with JobSync Sounds Like

The Goldilocks Zone of the Application Process

Maximize the impact and performance of your Job Advertising by creating the optimal application experience.

Easy Apply

Too Many Unqualified
Candidates Zone

Easy Apply generates volume, but with no data, recruiters can't determine who to call.

Easy apply gets you easy volume; but, with only a basic profile and masked email address, basically creating a lead, not an applicant.

funnel too many candidates.png

Emulate the application from your ATS on the job board and get both the volume you want from Easy Apply but with the answers to your questions, and the quality candidates delivered to your ATS.

JobSync Apply

The Goldilocks

Maximize the number of candidates AND get the screening questions you need answered.


 ATS Apply Path

Too Few Candidates

Taking candidates to the ATS apply gets you all the info you need, but not enough actual applicants.


Candidates leave job sites, go to career sites, to apply on the ATS, all of which create friction and abandonment, generating too few applicants.

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