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Roundtable – Agile Recruiting How to Flex Your Team

Join JobSync as we talk with Gayle Norton, Vice President, Client Solutions with Career Management Partners (CMP) about agile recruiting and how to flex your team.  With more than 20 years of management, consulting, sales and recruitment industry experience, Gayle assists her clients through recruitment optimization and On-Demand recruiting to find the top talent needed… Read more »

Roundtable – Candidate Ghosting In A Pandemic

Join JobSync as we talk with Author, Speaker & Facilitator, The Searchologist, Katrina Collier about Candidate Ghosting In A Pandemic. Katrina will talk about how candidates really search for a job and why ghosting a candidate can really hurt your brand. There’s a better way! Learn what candidates can find out about you before they even submit… Read more »

Roundtable – Candidate Processing

Join JobSync as we talk with Recruitment Advisor, John Salt about how to bring dignity back to the candidate experience. If you are still thinking about the candidate experience as “processing” come and learn from John the former Managing Director for CV Library and leader at Total Jobs with over 25 years in the recruiting… Read more »

How Amazon Impacted Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Did you know’s 1-click payment solution changed more than shopping and has impacted your talent acquisition strategy? Amazon’s 1-click solution is so powerful because it reduces friction in the shopping experience.  Before Amazon invented 1-click payments they had a huge problem with people abandoning their carts.  This was their solution.  People have become so… Read more »

Roundtable – Hire From Anywhere

Join JobSync as we partner with Globalization Partners and Alchemy Global Talent to bring to the Recruitment Marketing Round Table how to Hire From Anywhere. Why is now the best time to remove location based hiring? What are the benefits? What are some of the best ways to approach hiring from anywhere? We’ll talk with… Read more »

Roundtable – Creating an Authentic Work Environment

Join JobSync as we partner with TalVista to bring to the Round Table a panel of guests to discuss how we can create an authentic work environment. Are all employees bringing their authentic and best self into the workplace? What is a company’s responsibility to create an environment where people do not feel the need… Read more »

Roundtable – Re-imagine Recruiting Communication

Join JobSync as we talk with Mike Seidle, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, WorkHere and Karl Ahlrichs Senior Consultant, Gregory & Appel about re-imaging recruitment communication. With today’s social distancing challenges and the need to hire at scale or manage an influx of candidates thinking about ways to streamline and automate communication in the recruitment… Read more »

Roundtable – The Data Is In: The Covid Impact On Job Listings Join JobSync as we talk with Cary Sparrow, Chief Executive Officer at Greenwich.HR, about how job listings have been impacted in the last three months and how you can leverage this data to give yourself a recruiting advantage in this new Covid hiring world.  We look at current job listing data trends and how… Read more »