Roundtable – Agile Recruiting How to Flex Your Team

Join JobSync as we talk with Gayle Norton, Vice President, Client Solutions with Career Management Partners (CMP) about agile recruiting and how to flex your team.  With more than 20 years of management, consulting, sales and recruitment industry experience, Gayle assists her clients through recruitment optimization and On-Demand recruiting to find the top talent needed to drive business and gain a competitive advantage.

Gayle will discuss how the agile principles of adaptive planning and flexible responses to change can be applied to talent acquisition to drive better business outcomes.  She’ll be joined by Shawn Fitzgerald, Regional Leader at Alright Solutions, former Executive Director Human Resources Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and former client who will share her experiences with implementing an agile recruiting solution.

Learn the benefits of being able to flex your recruiting resources to meet changing needs and why leveraging an agile approach can have a direct line to impacting the bottom line of an organization.

We’ll talk real world examples and invite all attendees to participate in the conversation.