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Streamlining Talent Acquisition: The Impact of Indeed’s Partnership with JobSync

We announced our partnership with Indeed in October 2023, but this announcement is really the culmination of several years of collaboration with Indeed. In this blog, we want to dive into why this partnership matters even more now and how working together, we can seamlessly integrate your ATS with Indeed’s Apply Sync functionality. This collaboration… Read more »

How to Win at Organic-first Hiring

How to Win at Organic-first Hiring    Learn the simple things you can do to get more free applicants.  There are two types of candidate traffic you can get for your jobs: free and paid.  Paid is the candidate traffic you get from your sponsored jobs—the paid listings that get bumped to the top of a… Read more »

5 Alarming Ways Your Recruiting Process is Violating GDPR

5 Alarming Ways Your Recruiting Process is Violating GDPR Any organization that processes personal information about EU residents must comply with the GDPR, even if it lacks a physical presence within the EU. Ignorance isn’t bliss here; overlooking these rules could push you into the quicksand of costly non-compliance. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)… Read more »

Job Board Posting Requirements & Guidelines

Job Board Posting Requirements & Guidelines Every job site has its own specific policies and guidelines. As an employer, it’s crucial to strike the right balance between best practices, posting policies on your chosen job platforms, and your own corporate and brand policies. In addition, it’s important to understand the differences in the rules between… Read more »

Press Release – Indeed Partners with JobSync

For Immediate Release October 9, 2023 Contact: Alexis Kremer Indeed Partners with JobSync to Provide Fully Integrated Indeed Apply Sync with the Applicant Tracking Systems used by Enterprise Employers to Recruit at Scale. Tysons Corner, VA, JobSync, the leading Talent Acquisition Automation platform, is proud to announce we have become an official Indeed Preferred Integrator… Read more »

5 Ways Your Application Process is Hurting Your Hiring Outcomes

5 Ways Your Application Process is Hurting Your Hiring Outcomes Getting the ideal candidate to click on your job ad is only half the battle. If your application process is long, slow, full of friction or messy, you’ll lose quality talent in droves. Most recruiters have been candidates at some time or another and have… Read more »

A Tale of Two Economies: Where Have All The Hourly Workers Gone?

Usually, blue-collar jobs suffer the most in an economic downturn. Yet in the U.S. and globally, hourly and frontline workers are seeing more opportunities while white-collar jobs are hitting a wall. What’s happening, and what does it mean for recruiters in the challenging blue-collar sector? Across the country, employers are still hiring. Payrolls rose by… Read more »

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Native Apply Integration

Native Applies are a tasty proposition. Done properly, they allow job seekers to start and complete an entire application on their preferred job site without clicking off, which applicants love. At the same time, they capture all of the custom screening questions, EEO questions, data permissions, and everything else a recruiter and company needs on… Read more »

One Good Nurse: Three Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Hiring

One Good Nurse: Three Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Hiring Healthcare hiring differs from other types of hiring because healthcare workers are responsible for saving lives, and the services they provide are rarely chosen by customers, but rather forced upon them when they become ill, injured, or have a chronic condition. As a result, the… Read more »