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Candidate and Recruiter Experience (Podcast Highlight)

Our final highlight from the second episode of the William Tincup Experience featuring Alex Murphy touches on recruiter and candidate experience. Candidate experience Candidates vote with their mouths about what they will and will not accept. 19 out of 20 people will bail on the application process if they have to take the ATS apply… Read more »

Facebook and Jobs (Podcast Highlight)

Another highlight from the second episode of the William Tincup Experience featuring Alex Murphy was a quick overview of Facebook and the job market. What happened and where is it headed? Facebook and jobs Facebook realized that a lot of their users were looking for jobs. A big problem they found within the candidate experience… Read more »

Are Hiring Teams Struggling to Communicate With Their Tech Systems?

The future of work is here. Or, at least the current version of the future is here. The past two years have shown that some version of work from home and hybrid work is here to stay. Companies and employees have adopted new technologies and adapted to doing the same work differently. But not just… Read more »

2023 Recruiting Predictions

Brian Fink

Are you ready for 2023? ​ It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time where we look back on all the predictions and trends that were made for 2022, see if they held up, and contemplate what will be coming our way in 2023. This year was the continuation of the Great Resignation,… Read more »

Roundtable Wrap Up: Salary, Skills, and Removing Bias From Job Postings

    Our monthly roundtables center around the best practices of individuals that tackle the hardships of hiring on a daily basis. From personal branding to crafting the right message to your candidates, one thing never changes – hiring is hard – and aligning a salary range with your expectations is even harder. The latest… Read more »

Are Recruiting Technologies Delivering on Promise and Potential?

JobSync and Talent Board partnered to uncover the relationships that hiring teams have with their technology integrations. Which parts of their tech stack make their lives easier? What keeps teams from adopting new technologies? Where should investments be made to improve both the candidate and recruiter experience? Leah Daniels, CCO of JobSync sat down with… Read more »

Connecting Compensation to Unbiased Job Requirements

Connecting Compensation to Unbiased Job Requirements With many states moving toward the requirement of disclosing salary ranges on job postings, companies are scrambling to figure out what their roles are actually worth and how to justify the compensation – internally and externally. It’s no longer just about years of experience, skills are where the spotlight… Read more »

Candidates Are Quiet Quitting Your Job Applications

While most of the content on our blog is for recruiters, this one is written from the perspective of a candidate on the hunt for their next opportunity. Hopefully you will find some insights or refreshers that shed light on your own challenges and opportunities to stand out in a crowded marketplace. When you realize… Read more »

A Brief History on Job Boards and Search

Alex Murphy joined William Tincup for a an hour and 42 minute journey through all things job boards, candidate and recruiter experience, Indeed, Facebook, and programmatic. We have compiled some of the highlights and will release them one at a time via our blog page. So read on and stay tuned for more. Job Boards… Read more »

Employer Brand: Content, Culture, and Creativity

Content, Culture, and Creativity Joel Lalgee of HireWell joined us to talk about the unique blend and benefits of activating your employer brand through your people, your literal brand ambassadors. He dove into the do’s, the don’ts, the successes, and the failures. As always, we had our mics and cameras on, so tune in and… Read more »