Facebook and Jobs (Podcast Highlight)

Another highlight from the second episode of the William Tincup Experience featuring Alex Murphy was a quick overview of Facebook and the job market. What happened and where is it headed?

Facebook and jobs

Facebook realized that a lot of their users were looking for jobs. A big problem they found within the candidate experience was that a lot of users were finding old posts and bad information – and Facebook prides itself on celebrating positive experiences. They want you to celebrate life, kids, and things that promote happiness. The difference between Google and Facebook? Google wants you to find what you are looking for, then go to it. Facebook wants you to be there, search there, find there, and stay there.

Where did Facebook go awry with job search? They tried to dodge a resume – but candidates need some form of a marketing document to showcase their skills and experience and pulling from your Facebook profile might not always be the best place to showcase your abilities.

They also started to allow for job posters to route candidates off of the site and onto career pages to apply. If the engagement does not happen ON Facebook, they cannot generate revenue, so they realized it was a problem. Out of this problem, Facebook ads became the main focus for attracting job seekers and keeping them on the site.

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