Streamlining Talent Acquisition: The Impact of Indeed’s Partnership with JobSync

Streamlining Talent Acquisition: The Impact of Indeed's Partnership with JobSync

We announced our partnership with Indeed in October 2023, but this announcement is really the culmination of several years of collaboration with Indeed. In this blog, we want to dive into why this partnership matters even more now and how working together, we can seamlessly integrate your ATS with Indeed’s Apply Sync functionality. This collaboration promises significant advantages for enterprise employers. Let’s delve into how this partnership directly benefits employers, enhances the efficiency of their Indeed budget, creates a great candidate experience therefore boosting applicant volume, and ensures compliance. All of this coupled with a singular focus on adapting to each employer’s specific processes, needs to stay compliant, and through a security-first point of view. 

What’s the partnership about?

As the only preferred integration partner that is solely focused on the enterprise, this collaboration enables JobSync’s customers to gain enhanced access to Indeed candidate traffic, automatically activating the Indeed Apply candidate experience for both sponsored and organic candidate traffic. It enriches job applications with the entirety of the application questions and seamlessly integrates applicant data directly into the ATS used by the employer. No more copying and pasting, manually posting jobs, and converting jobs to Hosted. All of this with perfect source tracking, addressing all aspects of compliance including terms of service, EEO, OFCCP, and getting proper opt-ins to allow for texting. 

In short, this partnership is about making integrations that work for complex organizations where the details matter in addition to increasing candidate volume.

What is Indeed Apply?

A great candidate experience starts with a great job search and application experience. All too often though, the experience candidates have to endure is one where they have to go to a company ATS, create an account, and re-enter the same information, over and over, dozens of times. Indeed Apply helps solve this by supporting the reuse of a candidate’s profile. JobSync plugs into Indeed Apply, adding in the custom workflows, screening questions, and compliance elements so as to have a fully complete application rather than something that is thin on details and only amounts to a lead.

How does it work?

JobSync integrates your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with Indeed’s Apply Sync, providing candidates with the convenience of completing a full application on the Indeed platform using their profile. This streamlined process leads to a higher volume of applications by connecting you with a broader pool of potential hires.

The integration also results in:

  • Higher rankings on search results pages, with approximately 18 out of the top 20 mobile results having the “Easily Apply” tag on the search results, and a more compelling call to action on the job with the Apply Now button keeping the candidate on Indeed instead of having to leave

  • Increased conversion rates, ranging from 25% to as high as 75% click-to-application rates

Indeed Apply Now Essential Health

Indeed Apply jobs are seen by more candidates, have a more compelling call to action such as Apply Now that keeps candidates on Indeed instead of redirecting to the company’s website, and have tags on the job listings such as Easily Apply further increasing applicant volume.

How does it save recruiters’ time?

With JobSync’s integration, employers no longer need to manually post Hosted jobs or copy candidate data into their ATS. This automation significantly reduces recruiters’ workload, allowing them to focus on connecting with the right applicants. Three different studies have shown that by using JobSync, organizations can save as much as 10 hours per recruiter per week in reduced manual and redundant work in the recruiting process. Reach out here to have a conversation with our team on how to do this.

How does it increase applicant numbers?

The JobSync and Indeed partnership revolutionizes applicant volume for enterprise employers. Candidates can now complete full applications directly on the Indeed platform, resulting in much higher completion rates, especially for mobile applicants. In general, companies receive more than a 2x increase, with some companies experiencing 4 or 5x increases. Employers gain more applications, while candidates enjoy a streamlined experience.

How does it ensure compliance and security?

For companies navigating numerous regulations, the JobSync and Indeed partnership aids in maintaining compliance with various regulations like EEO, OFCCP, CCPA, and GDPR. It helps by ensuring compliance via the preferred application method of candidates, reducing risks associated with incomplete applications, and enhancing data security.

JobSync approaches every engagement with a privacy and security first point of view. Central to a security-first posture is a concept called “least privilege access”, which means granting the least amount of access necessary to limit the amount of risk. With respect to your candidate data, we have taken this least privilege concept and created a “least data necessary” approach to any data synchronization, only providing the data that is necessary to allow your vendors to perform. In addition, JobSync provides finite data controls regarding job and candidate data that is provided to your vendors, allowing the data owner, you, to be surgical in the release of data from the ATS.

Which ATSs does this partnership support?

The JobSync and Indeed integration supports dozens of different ATSs, with many more being added all the time. Today, JobSync is the only solution available to companies that provides an OFCCP-compliant solution for many ATSs including Workday, Greenhouse, Oracle Taleo, Oracle Recruiting Cloud, and SAP SuccessFactors.

In addition to connecting to an employer’s ATS, JobSync can automate the data flow between the various systems a company is using including the messaging and analytics apps.

What are the benefits for employers?

This partnership provides a seamless and efficient recruitment process, resulting in a significant increase in applicants. But here are a handful of the major improvements:

  • Consolidated and centralized job posting process, no more need to manually post jobs to boost candidate traffic

  • Automated delivery of full applications into the ATS; Recruiters no longer need to  manually enter candidate data into the ATS

  • Address critical security and privacy issues by enabling a privacy-by-design approach for your organization by removing unnecessary emails pushing candidate data into your recruiting teams’ inboxes

  • Hiring operations teams no longer need to manually refresh jobs

  • Cut out the extra steps for candidates caused by candidate lead generation campaigns that result from simplistic easy applies, replaced by fully compliant and complete applications

  • Get the applicant’s actual email addresses and remove duplicate accounts in your systems

  • Reduce the instances of bot-based, automated AI applications that don’t convert

  • Clean performance data with 100% accurate source tracking, including delineation between Sponsored and Organic applications

Additionally, the partnership offers employers the following benefits:

  • Faster time-to-hire and reduced open positions

  • Connect Disposition status with Indeed and further increase organic traffic 

  • Eligibility for the ‘Responsive Employer’ tag

  • Completed applications with full contact details available in the ATS

  • OFCCP legally compliant applications

  • Support for complex ATS set-ups including multiple ATSs, validation rules, and multiple candidate workflows

  • Custom set-ups including only allowing a portion of jobs to have the integration activated

  • Full health reporting including duplicate candidates, closed job reqs, refreshed jobs, and other ATS-based error notifications

  • Automation for your campaign and sponsored jobs programs

    And more!

What sets the JobSync – Indeed Partnership Apart?

Employers work with JobSync to help create material change in their hiring operations workflow by reducing friction, reducing manual tasks, and completely changing the volume of applicants. While all of these things matter, our clients need even more. Here are four major themes that make our clients look at us as partners for their businesses:

  • JobSync acts as an air gap between ATS data and job board providers, allowing employers to control what data is shared and what is kept private and secure. 

  • The JobSync business model is pure SaaS, which means JobSync never takes a commission from any media source or job board. This transparent approach ensures alignment between JobSync and our clients, as well as our partners. 

  • Full support and automation from JobSync, reducing HRIS teams’ workload by hundreds of hours per year.

  • Operational automation beyond integration, catering to various ATSs like SuccessFactors, Taleo, ORC, BrassRing, and Workday, among many others.

To learn more about how to get the most out of Indeed Apply with JobSync, reach out and request a demo from our sales team here.


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