Roundtable – How to Play Talent Acquisition Moneyball

Are you looking for A list team members but maybe you don’t have an A list budget?

Or, are you losing your number one candidates to brands like Google, Amazon and Facebook because they have the cache and your organization is up and coming?

Guess what?  You’re not going to win the talent playing their game. But, there is a way to get those candidates!  It’s as simple as Moneyball.

On Thursday October 29 at 11am ET Jennifer Farris, Chief People Officer at and Derek Sidebottom, Co-founder & President FarsideHR will join us at the Roundtable and share their talent acquisition Moneyball.

They will show you how a few simple strategies can have you hitting TA homeruns in no time!

As always- No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation and in this case a new way to play the game!

Moneyball 9 Inning Strategy

  1. Adopt Value Investing Strategy: Are you blue chip or value investing?

  2. Aligned Value Proposition: Why should talent come join your team?

  3. Org Planning & Talent Density: Need to plan what talent you need and with what particular skills to create the right team for you

  4. Pricing Discipline: Be committed to the strategy – don’t review candidates you can’t afford

  5. Process & Execution Discipline: Consistency, data and feedback

  6. Scouting for Value at Scale: Invest in the team to find this talent

  7. Manage Churn: Understand that it takes time to build this right. You will make some mistakes

  8. Becoming your own farm team: Invest in your high potential or new grad strategy

  9. It’s in the Numbers: Data data! Long term performance correlation & rigid compa-ratio management