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Candidate Experience: 2022 Talent Board Findings and Top CandE Large Employer Winner

Happy New Year! As you open your new calendar or planner (yes, some of us still use paper and pen) be sure to schedule in the first JobSync Recruitment Marketing Roundtable of 2023.  Even with a rapidly changing candidate marketplace, great talent deserves a top notch candidate experience. Delivering on that promise requires constant focus… Read more »

2023 Recruiting Predictions

Brian Fink

Are you ready for 2023? ​ It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time where we look back on all the predictions and trends that were made for 2022, see if they held up, and contemplate what will be coming our way in 2023. This year was the continuation of the Great Resignation,… Read more »

Connecting Compensation to Unbiased Job Requirements

Connecting Compensation to Unbiased Job Requirements With many states moving toward the requirement of disclosing salary ranges on job postings, companies are scrambling to figure out what their roles are actually worth and how to justify the compensation – internally and externally. It’s no longer just about years of experience, skills are where the spotlight… Read more »

Getting to the Root of Your Employer Branding and Culture

Joel Lalgee

Getting to the Root of Your Employer Branding and Culture Your talent team does more than just hire people. You have more than likely heard of the phrase, ‘the face of your brand’ and your recruiters are just that. So how do you define who you are to your candidates? In every interaction, recruiters have… Read more »

Making Your Own Success in Recruiting

Making Your Own Success in Recruiting ​ Do you find yourself ‘supporting’ your hiring managers, candidates, leaders, and everyone else in the organization? Do you often think you are too busy being reactive, to be proactive? Amy Miller, Owner of Recruiting in Yoga Pants and former recruiter at Google and Microsoft joined our roundtable to… Read more »

Beyond the Template, Beyond the Resume

There is a common sentiment among talent acquisition professionals when it comes to candidate outreach and engagement: personalization is key. Templates, old methodologies and automated messages come across as dull and lazy. Recruiters are already getting a bad rap so why are so many still using outdated techniques for communications? It’s time to move past… Read more »

Equitable Interviewing to Include Neurodiverse Candidates

Is your workplace welcoming for everyone? And no, not like, when they walk in or log on does it feel cozy with flowers and cool virtual backgrounds. Can ANYONE apply and interview and feel like the deck isn’t stacked against them? What about candidates who are neurodiverse? What about candidates that haven’t been diagnosed as… Read more »

Politics, Religion, and Sex in the Workplace (Roundtable)

  There’s an unspoken rule at holiday dinners; don’t talk about politics, religion, or sex. Most people would [and do] apply this to their work life as well. But what happens when unspoken rules get spoken about? In a world where we’re seeing major divides when it comes to just about everything [add decisions on… Read more »

Work With What You Got to Make Your Firm Attractive to Candidates

Let’s start off by stating the obvious: not all jobs are one size fits all, and the same can be said for the kind of company candidates choose to work for. When it comes to recruiting candidates for your business – how do you spark interest when your surface level perks don’t compete? You dig... Read more »

Sourcing Secrets to Enhance Your Recruitment Marketing

How do you get the attention of job seekers who demand personalization when hiring at scale? It’s pretty easy to spot an email template when you’re being contacted for any sort of promotion. Whether it’s for a job, a conference, heck even a discount from your vet – you know a template when you see… Read more »