Getting to the Root of Your Employer Branding and Culture

Getting to the Root of Your Employer Branding and Culture

Your talent team does more than just hire people. You have more than likely heard of the phrase, ‘the face of your brand’ and your recruiters are just that. So how do you define who you are to your candidates?

In every interaction, recruiters have to answer the following:

What is your culture?

What is your employer brand?

What is your employee value proposition?

How do you create brand awareness and showcase your culture through your people? And, how do you get your recruitment team on board to activate your brand?

These days, most of what candidates know about companies, if not everything they know, is because of what they have learned about them online. Increasingly, employees are rising as influencers. People that have grown their audience and know how to showcase not only their personal best practices but also highlight those of the company they work for.

This installment of our roundtable featured Joel Lalgee, Lead Recruiter at Hirewell. Joel has amassed over 100,000 LinkedIn followers and has helped increase “foot“ traffic to his employer through his online presence. Joel has found that by staying true to who you are as an individual you can maintain a steady pace of online branding that not just reflects you as a person, but who you are as an employee, which resonates when you’re trying to recruit people.

In this roundtable we covered:

  • Finding harmony between your employer brand and your employees

  • Finding balance between personal and professional posts on social media (when your content is consistently good it won’t throw your audience off when you insert posts that talk about how great working for your employer is)

  • Putting your brand in the spotlight without putting your brand onto your employees


Joel Lalgee
Lead Recruiter, Hirewell
Joel Lalgee has a 7-year background in agency recruiting and currently works at Hirewell helping lead their brand awareness and business development. He’s a consistent content creator that has 140k followers on Linkedin and 5k followers on Twitter. Prior to Hirewell he spent time coaching recruiters across the globe on how they could activate their personal brand to connect with candidates.


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