Sourcing Secrets to Enhance Your Recruitment Marketing

How do you get the attention of job seekers who demand personalization when hiring at scale?

It’s pretty easy to spot an email template when you’re being contacted for any sort of promotion. Whether it’s for a job, a conference, heck even a discount from your vet – you know a template when you see it and unless it’s something you’ve already been considering you’re more than likely going to trash it. But when it comes to volume hiring it can seem difficult to personalize the message.

Job seekers get inundated with template emails daily. Add in an intro line of, ‘Dear Sir or Madam I am reaching out about a possible opportunity’ and it’s no wonder we’re still talking about terrible candidate experiences and the struggles of filling reqs for hiring managers.
Utilizing tech for outreach in a human way and at scale.

There are many options for capturing candidate’s attention through tech these days. From TikTok to YouTube there’s more to attracting top talent than just email [but you can still make that work to your advantage too]. Join Greg Hawkes, Principal Sourcing Leader at M&T Bank to learn more about engaging job seekers and utilizing tech for outreach in a human way and at scale.

What we’ll uncover:

  • How to make recruiting at scale into a personal message.

  • How to leverage tech to hit recruiting goals at scale and how to do it so candidates don’t feel like they’re getting template emails and responses.

  • How to target a large list and convince the best candidates to relocate when necessary

As always it’s open mic. Turn on your camera and bring your questions and hot takes.

Our featured speaker:

Greg Hawkes

Principal Sourcing Leader at M&T Bank
Greg Hawkes is a Principal Sourcing Leader at M&T Bank and Creator and Founder of SourcingIRL, HRSourcingToolbox, HealthcareSourcingToolbox and has ongoing Speaker and Contributor for a wide array of Recruitment and Sourcing Conferences.
He’s recruited and sourced in tech, healthcare, mechanical/electrical/structural engineering, biotechnology, manufacturing and many other industries. Greg has covered topics ranging from Site Searches, Programmable Search Engines, to Advanced Web Scraping, Virtual Conference Infiltrations and URL Sourcing. He has been a HR/Recruitment/Sourcing Speaker on several occasions and contributed countless blogs, vlogs, webinars (and now even YouTube Shorts and TikToks) covering a wide array of sourcing strategies. He is a huge fan of emerging technologies, architecting solutions through use of technology and humanity, and most importantly finding people jobs in one of the most challenging and chaotic times we’ve ever lived