Beyond the Template, Beyond the Resume

There is a common sentiment among talent acquisition professionals when it comes to candidate outreach and engagement: personalization is key. Templates, old methodologies and automated messages come across as dull and lazy. Recruiters are already getting a bad rap so why are so many still using outdated techniques for communications?

It’s time to move past these boring hiring techniques and present your full self as an organization. You need to not just personalize the words, you need to personalize the medium. And that goes both ways – how you communicate and how you ask your candidates to respond.

Are you looking for outgoing and creative people who can adapt to uncertain situations? Ask them to share a video! Are you interested in tech talent that can appreciate a sense of humor? Use memes! Good talent sourcing requires social proof. Candidates need to know that you’ve done your homework and are interested in them as a human and not just a role to fill. But to know, means to adapt to your market – not demand your market adapt to you!

This roundtable features Vanessa Raath – The Talent Hunter. We’re going to talk about how to get creative with candidates in both your outreach and your expectations of their response to you – with a big focus on the use of video. A lot of us have gotten used to video communication over the last two years so we should definitely be using it more.

Here a few more things we covered:

  • How to stand out as a company at scale while still conveying your personality as a brand

  • How to use video to attract and communicate with candidates [make yourself stand out and see who else does the same in return]

  • How to target individual candidates beyond automation [and get it right] – notice the two emojis after Vanessa’s name on social media? There’s a reason for that!




Vanessa Raath

The Talent Hunter – Global Talent Sourcing Trainer

I’m determined to bring the ‘Human Element’ back into today’s Recruitment Process as I believe it has been lacking for too long! I believe that people are the core building blocks of every business but that doesn’t mean that we can treat every ‘block’ the same.

I have over 15 years experience in the Recruitment Industry & I have specialised in the Tech space for most of this time. Before starting my career in Recruitment, I taught unruly children in London; operated a ski chairlift in the USA & taught people to Scuba Dive in SE Asia. I launched my own Sourcing Training Business in 2019. I have never been as challenged, yet at the same time, as fulfilled as I am now.

I am passionate about raising the standard of Sourcing globally with a particular focus on Africa.I also love presenting about talent sourcing, career branding and sharing my knowledge, and experience, with others. I am often asked to deliver Keynote Presentations at international conferences.

When I am not in work mode, you will probably find me having a lekker (vegetarian) braai with family & friends, preferably in the Bush or at the Beach 🙂 You are most welcome to connect with me on Twitter & Instagram too – @Van_Raath.