Work With What You Got to Make Your Firm Attractive to Candidates

Let’s start off by stating the obvious: not all jobs are one size fits all, and the same can be said for the kind of company candidates choose to work for.

When it comes to recruiting candidates for your business – how do you spark interest when your surface level perks don’t compete?

You dig deeper, you find your business’s unique value proposition (and that might be different for each candidate).

Maybe your organization is on the forefront of sustainability and focuses on ‘being green’, or maybe you’re well known in a niche market and have a huge social media presence. Or perhaps you’re known for producing superstars that go on to make millions. Maybe you are small and offer flexibility and growth or you’re large and offer stability and key perks.
Whatever is it that you’re known for – you don’t have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars or much of a budget at all to make your mark, attract great candidates, and build great teams.

Join our May roundtable with featured speaker Carrie Darney to uncover:

  • How to spark interest in candidates that don’t know the benefits of working for your firm (even if you are small and competing with the big boys).

  • How to adjust on the fly the way you talk about your business value and perks as you learn more about your candidate.

  • How to recruit on a budget or with no budget – sometimes, “Just spend more” is just not an option.

  • How to train your team of recruiters to be as creative and nimble as you are.


Carrie Darney, Recruiting Manager, Headstorm

Carrie is a passionate Technical Recruiter that thrives on identifying business minded technical talent for opportunities at small growing consulting companies. She has 25 years of experience in the technical recruiting field primarily focusing on Software Engineers and Technical Architects from right out of school all the way through Leadership positions.
She excels at building lasting relationships and networks to yield high-quality results.