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Roundtable – 2022 Recruiting Predictions

Is the roundtable back? The news cycle on workforce trends is like a revolving door – and its influence on candidate’s expectations and behavior is real. Hybrid work and remote options are top of mind for candidates, the service industry took a major hit, minimum wage is on the rise , and eCommerce jobs are… Read more »

Roundtable – Improve Hiring Outcomes with Better HR Data

Today many organizations are in need of talent while at the same time there are many people who can’t find a job. On this week’s Roundtable Roy Altman, Founder/CEO of Peopleserv, will discuss how we can work with people data to improve the outcomes for employers and job seekers. According to Roy, better data management… Read more »

Roundtable – How to Bring an Agile Mindset to Talent Acquisition

This week on the Roundtable Jennifer Cotie Kangas, Director, Digital Experience and Talent Acquisition, Regis Corporation, wants everyone to challenge the “that’s how we’ve always done it mentality.” She will share how to bring an agile mindset to talent acquisition that includes an active process of review and adjust in order to meet the candidates… Read more »

Roundtable – Talent Acquisition is Gone?

Today, the half life of a skill is 18-36 months according to this week’s Roundtable Guest, Chris Havrilla, VP of HC Technology Research & Advisory, HC Ecosystems & Alliances at Deloitte Consulting. For Chris, the focus needs to change and be less about skills and more about human capabilities. She believes this, along with the… Read more »