Roundtable – Improve Hiring Outcomes with Better HR Data

Today many organizations are in need of talent while at the same time there are many people who can’t find a job. On this week’s Roundtable Roy Altman, Founder/CEO of Peopleserv, will discuss how we can work with people data to improve the outcomes for employers and job seekers.

According to Roy, better data management is the key to getting the recruitment data needed to measure how efficiently candidates are moving through the recruiting and hiring funnel. By measuring the workforce better, better understanding can be achieved to affect change. Roy will talk about the challenges to “getting the data” and how to overcome them. He will focus on how to achieve all of this with a “low” to “no” cost approach that will help improve outcomes without breaking the bank for organizations large and small.

We will discuss:

  1. How to overcome data issues in HR systems, such as: data quality, disconnected hr applications and different data requirements across organizations?

  2. What information to look at to understand the candidates?

  3. How does this data impact branding, DE&I and retention?

  4. What information is needed to understand the interview process?

  5. Where should the research go from here?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.
Roy Altman is the founder/CEO of Peopleserv, a software/services company. Over a multifaceted career, Roy has delivered ROI to well-known companies in several industry sectors. He frequently authors articles on business and technology, has co-authored six books on Business Process Management (BPM), and regularly presents at HR and BPM conferences. He is on the faculty of the Human Capital Analytics and Technology (HCAT) program at NYU. Altman serves as Managing Editor of Workforce Solutions Review magazine and on the board of IHRIM.