Unlock the Power of Data in Recruitment with JobSync's May Recruitment Marketing Roundtable

Event Details:
– Topic: Data isn’t a Dirty Word in TA
– Speakers: Luke Eaton, Recruiting Operations Expert, Ben Abear, Recruiting Operations Leader at Google Fiber
– Date: May 16th, 2024
– Time: 11:00 AM EDT

Join us for an insightful discussion on “Data isn’t a Dirty Word in TA,” featuring Luke Eaton, the industry’s go-to expert in data-driven recruitment strategies, and Ben Abear, Recruiting Operations Leader at Google Fiber!

In this exciting roundtable discussion, Luke and Ben will delve into pivotal topics that will change how you approach recruitment:

-Unveiling Truths: Why are recruiters so afraid of data? Discover how data has the power to transform your recruitment game, not work against you.
-Optimizing Your Data: Learn how to assess your current data set and map out a strategic path to upgrading it to an ideal state.
-Transparency Matters: Explore the critical role of transparency in data and analytics, driving trust and credibility in your hiring process.
-Data-Driven Stories: Understand why data is the cornerstone of compelling storytelling and how to leverage crucial insights effectively.

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Elevate your recruitment game now! Reach new heights with JobSync’s Recruitment Marketing Roundtable.

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Luke Eaton
Recruiting Operations Expert

Luke Eaton is an expert in the HR data space, currently putting his expertise to work a Recruiting Operations Expert. As a self proclaimed Rec Ops and data nerd, Eaton is an advocate for data-driven talent acquisition and the insight it brings organizations of all sizes. Previously, Eaton leveraged his experience at Advisor and Atlas Assistance, as well as leading the Client Operations team at Scede. After 12+ years of scaling tech companies into powerful growth, he’s bringing his expertise to recruiters through curated tools, systems, and best practices.

Want to learn more about Luke Eaton? Connect with him on LinkedIn or visit his website.


Ben Abear
Recruiting Operations Leader
Google Fiber

Driven by a passion for optimizing recruiting processes and leveraging analytics, Ben brings over two decades of experience to the table. As the Recruiting Operations Manager at Google Fiber, he is an integral part of a team transforming a nascent recruiting portfolio into a mature and stable operation capable of scaling effectively.

Want to learn more about Ben Abear? Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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