Roundtable – Talent Acquisition is Gone?

Today, the half life of a skill is 18-36 months according to this week’s Roundtable Guest, Chris Havrilla, VP of HC Technology Research & Advisory, HC Ecosystems & Alliances at Deloitte Consulting. For Chris, the focus needs to change and be less about skills and more about human capabilities. She believes this, along with the shrinking workforce, no longer allows employers to “churn and burn” through talent.  For her, the goal must shift from accessing workers to how do I access work and experiences? How do I access talent at the right place and the right time? 

Chris will share how this can be done at the intersection of internal talent mobility and accessing outside talent creating a dynamic environment with the goal to match work that needs to be done with workers. This new approach forces a shift from creating a “job” to looking at the employer’s workforce in its entirety in order to match skills with work that needs to be done then supplementing the workforce with additional talent at the right place and the right time to complete the work.
We will explore how the future of work will be divided into three distinct marketplaces- internal mobility, developmental and brokerage.  Chris will dive into how these marketplaces will be silo busters where talent acquisition, talent management, learning and development and workforce experience will all be intertwined.

We will discuss:

  1. How do employers access work and experiences?

  2. How does an employer create a framework that focuses on “the work” vs. a job?

  3. What are the three marketplace approaches and how will these impact human capital roles in an organization?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.
Referenced Links and information:

Human Capital Trends Research:

Deloitte 2019 Human Capital Trends – Pre-pandemic research on TA & Talent Mobility (see Future of HR section) focus on transition to Accessing Talent (versus TA)

Deloitte 2020 Human Capital Trends–  Chris’ favorite chapters are below. The bold items are referenced in the Roundtable.

  1. Belonging: From comfort to connection to contribution.

  2. Designing work for well-being: Living and performing at your best.

  3. Superteams: Putting AI in the group.

  4. Beyond reskilling: Investing in resilience for uncertain futures.

  5. Ethics and the future of work: From “could we” to “how should we.”

  6. A memo to HR: Expand focus and extend influence

Deloitte 2021 Human Capital Trends – This will lead to our recently released special report, scroll to the bottom where it says: Explore the 2021 Global Human Capital Trends. Again, all good reading – but goes deeper on some of my favorite chapters referenced in discussion:

  1. Designing work for well-being

  2. Superteams

  3. Beyond reskilling

  4. A memo to HR

Other research referenced:


Chris leads the HR technology and solution provider strategy, advisory, research and sensing practices for Deloitte Consulting LLP—helping to demystify the ever-changing HR Tech landscape for both organizations and solution providers. She has worked diligently through her career with business and HR leaders—both as an internal HR & HR technology/strategy practitioner or as a consultant/adviser—on radically improving talent strategy, technology, and leadership—as well as the vendors who serve them. With a unique blend of technical, HR practitioner, business and vendor experience, she laughingly describes herself as a bit of a talent, HR Tech and Future of Work “whisperer”. Chris has a degree in MIS, with a concentration in AI, from the UGA Terry College of Business. She loves figuring out how the latest trends and innovations in data, tools, and technology can help change the face of HR and the world of work.


In 2020, Chris was named in Onalytica’s Top 25 Global Consultancies Influencers research study across all C-Suite topic categories — as well as in their AI, emerging tech, and future of work sub-categories. She is also featured in Human Resource Executive® and the HR Technology Conference annual Top 100 HR Tech Influencers list, which recognizes individuals from the HR, technology, and business communities who are impacting the state and future direction of HR technology.