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Increase Applicant Volume & Stay Compliant

Davey Tree Expert Company was missing hiring targets, and therefore on a trajectory to miss revenue targets. By implementing a JobSync integration, they saw a 240% instant increase in applicant volume.


"JobSync solved three problems at once for The Davey Tree Expert Company: increased candidate volume, improved candidate experience, and improved OFCCP compliance."

Brigitte Orrick,
Director of Recruiting and Employee Development,
The Davey Tree Expert Company

Key Stats:

JobSync Integrations:

  • Recruiting team of 26

  • 6,500 hires a year

  • 1,000+ open jobs

  • Hiring in US, Canada, and Mexico

  • Arboriculture Industry

  • Hire arborists & tree trimmers

  • Large hourly workforce

  • SAP SuccessFactors with RMK

  • Indeed Organic and Sponsored

Davey Tree was facing the following challenges:

  • Davey Tree was missing hiring targets, and therefore on a trajectory to miss revenue targets

  • 40% decline in applicants per hire from pre-pandemic to post-pandemic

  • 8% job board click rate with a 2.5% career site conversion rate

  • Low job board visibility

  • The job board to application experience required candidates to ‘apply’ twice

  • Indeed could not provide Compliance Reporting

  • A loss of control of recruitment data

  • An increase in manual work for recruiters

Davey Tree was facing the following challenges:

JobSync provided the following solution:

  • Integrated to SuccessFactors for job content, profile information and questionnaire templates

  • Mapped Davey Tree’s entire application experience, including privacy policies, EEO, OFCCP and qualifying questions

  • Automated job content fixes to be compliant with Indeed’s policies

  • Provided Indeed with all jobs

  • Integrated Davey Trees’ entire application to Indeed and ZipRecruiter

  • Candidates applied on the job boards

  • All applicants captured and inserted into SuccessFactors against the job

Davey Tree saw the following results:

  • 240% instant increase in applicant volume

  • Increased to 6.5 applications per hire

  • 30% increase in applications on all jobs for the most profitable service line

  • Surge in applications during a seasonally slower time, providing better forecasting

  • Centralized OFCCP reporting

  • Removed non-compliant application paths from recruiters perview

  • Centralized recruiter activity

  • Removed discrepancies between Indeed and SuccessFactors reporting

240% Increase in Applicants, a Better Candidate Experience & 100% OFCCP Compliant

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