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Recruiter experience is your business, getting 200% more qualified candidates out of existing sourcing solutions, is ours.

We manage the complex, bespoke ATS integrations so you don't have to.

JobSync’s low-code solutions integrate and automate integrations into top of funnel candidate attraction and engagement tools, automating how those candidates are delivered to recruiters, with source tracking and status.

Your clients configure your ATS to work the way they do, JobSync emulates that experience into their other vendors.

Help get your clients into the Goldilocks zone, with more candidates through quick applies, screened for quality by emulating their ATS job-level questions within the quick apply experience, and candidates delivered into the ATS.

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More Candidates
ATS redirects increase applicant abandonment. With JobSync, applicants have a seamless experience, getting your recruiters the volume of candidates they need to reach their hiring goals.

Better Quality
Enable your clients to increase the quality of their applicant pool by turning on quick apply by emulating ATS job-level questions in the quick apply workflow.

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Increase Speed to First Contact
Candidates are automatically added to your ATS or CRM, and/or email routed to hiring managers to help clients contact the right candidates, fast.

Adaptive Workflows
JobSync works within client’s existing process, tools and workflows to make life easier for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates.

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Enable APIs to add job content and job-level questions.


JobSync extracts applicants with profile details, resumes and answers to the profile and job-level questions.

JobSync provides job content, enriched with required additional profile, job-level and other required data capture elements.

JobSync manages duplicates, proper statusing, source tracking, EEOC and TCPA data requirements, etc. as JobSync imports candidate data into the client’s ATS.

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