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Volume  +       Quality = Increased Job Site ROI
(and decreased recruiter headaches)

You need more quality candidates to complete your job applications
and get hired. JobSync makes that happen.

JobSync connects your existing job sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and others directly into your ATS, with answers to your job-specific questions on integrated quick applies, and delivering candidates directly to your recruiters, in your ATS.

Candidates want Quick Applies
Candidates are more likely to engage with and apply to jobs with the quick apply designation.

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Access to Mobile Traffic
More than 70% of candidate traffic is on a mobile device, many sources now prioritize quick apply on the mobile experience.

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Higher Conversion Rates
More than twice as many candidates complete the apply process with an easy apply as compared to an application taking place on an employer’s career site or ATS.

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Transform any Job Site into an Quick Apply
No matter which job sites you use, JobSync can transform the application experience into a seamless integrated quick apply.

Variable Apply Paths
Customize your candidate’s experience based on each job’s requirements.

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Your jobs are sent enriched with all job-level questions to your job sites.

All applications are sent directly to your ATS and/or emailed to hiring managers.

JobSync enables a mobile friendly and login-free application process.

JobSync helps with evergreen jobs, job expansions and job selections.

Where can you super power your candidate attraction?

Increase your access to mobile traffic and double your conversions by connecting your sponsored and organic jobs to Indeed with enhanced Easy Apply, enriched with your job- level questions inside the Indeed experience for top quality.


Reach targeted candidates with visual job ads that capture candidate details including any job- level questions and candidate details.


Expand your access to new candidate pools with an Integrated Quick Apply integration with Talroo.


Convert 200% of your ZipRecruiter candidates by integrating an enhanced Zip Apply for your sponsored and organic jobs directly into your ATS, increasing the percentage of qualified candidates with job-level and knockout questions.


Reach more candidates, globally, with Integrated Quick Apply integrations with

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