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A Tale of Two…

This week we found ourselves at a crossroads… hunker down or double down.  Like many other businesses, we participated in a number of the webinars that spun up last week on crisis management, brand marketing, sales and overall managing in these new times.  The most interesting discussion was listening to decision makers as they described… Read more »

Business As (UN)Usual

We think about our trucking, supply chain and call center clients who now have even more hiring needs and we think about food service workers who may be looking for a new career. We will be the first to admit that it is hard for all of us to stay focused on business as usual… Read more »

Secrets to Employee Motivation You Need To Know

MAKE EVERY GIFT MEANINGFUL Turning to gifts as a way to motivate employees is easy.  After all, it is hard to find an employee that doesn’t appreciate a bonus check, gift certificate, or night out on the town.  When using gifts to motivate employees, however, it is essential for every gift to be meaningful.  If… Read more »

Why Inspiration Might Not Get You as Far as You Want in Business

But, what if inspiration isn’t everything? What if there’s a more powerful, more productive emotion we’re overlooking? According to Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire entrepreneur behind the Virgin Group and all 400 of its companies, frustration is the fuel needed to get ahead. Not only does frustration breed innovation, but it’s a more uncomfortable emotion,… Read more »

What is Human Capital and What Does It Mean for Your Business?

In short, human capital is the collective skills, knowledge, and intangible assets of a group.  In the case of the professional workplace, it is the skills, knowledge, and assets of a workforce.  Employers are enthralled by human capital and obsessed with creating it because it provides value to businesses in ways that other assets cannot…. Read more »

How to Craft the Best Interview Experience

Conducting an interview is a nerve-wracking process.  There are mountains of qualified candidates- but only one can get the job.  Therefore, a thorough interview process that can accurately assess candidates is essential.  For companies looking to refine their interview process and craft the best interview experience possible, these tips can help! Have a Strategy For… Read more »