How to Craft the Best Interview Experience

Conducting an interview is a nerve-wracking process.  There are mountains of qualified candidates- but only one can get the job.  Therefore, a thorough interview process that can accurately assess candidates is essential.  For companies looking to refine their interview process and craft the best interview experience possible, these tips can help!

Have a Strategy

For every open position, there should be a strategy in place to identify and acquire the most qualified candidate.  Therefore, before a company ever invites someone into the office to get to know them, they should have a strategy in mind.  An interview strategy should include how long the interview process will take, what type of qualifications candidates need, and a plan to assess each candidate.

Collaborate Internally

Hiring a new employee shouldn’t be a process that is completed by one person alone.  Instead, the HR department staff and the hiring manager should maintain a collaborative relationship throughout the entire process.  Doing so will help to ensure everyone is on the same page and the right candidate receives an offer for the position. Collaborative relationships also create a positive atmosphere in which potential employees will interview.

Listen Carefully & Follow Up

Although interviews are an excellent opportunity to share about the company and department, the bulk of an interview should be spent listening to the potential candidate. Furthermore, if there are questions regarding information a candidate has shared, the hiring manager or individual conducting the interview should take the opportunity to clarify.  This practice shows a company’s interest and makes a candidate feel more welcome in a new environment.

Allow Time

Rushing candidates through an interview to get the next item on the to-do list is one big interview mistake many companies make.  Experts suggest hiring managers allow at least 2 hours for any first interview. Allowing an ample amount of time creates a relaxed atmosphere that everyone (the interviewer and the interviewee) will enjoy.

Communicate Company Culture

Today, candidates are not just looking for a paycheck and place to clock in each day. Instead, they are looking for a company where that offers an atmosphere and culture in which they feel comfortable and at home.  During the interview processes, hiring managers should spend time communicating about company culture and demonstrating it to potential employees to attract the best candidates.

Continue the Interview Experience

The interview process shouldn’t stop after a candidate leaves the interview.  Hiring managers and HR staff should take the time to continue positive interactions with every candidate – regardless of whether or not they make the top of the list.  Sending thank you notes, following up promptly, and turning down candidates politely helps to create a positive public image of a company and increases the likelihood a candidate will accept or come back for another interview in the future.

Deploying these tactics can improve the interview experience of any company and are the perfect place to begin building a staff dream team.