Business As (UN)Usual

We think about our trucking, supply chain and call center clients who now have even more hiring needs and we think about food service workers who may be looking for a new career. We will be the first to admit that it is hard for all of us to stay focused on business as usual as we home school our kids and have to figure out 3 more dinners a week because those were the nights we were grabbing and going.  BUT…

Hiring hasn’t stopped and people NEED jobs.

We can’t stop at JobSync.  Job seekers more than ever need an easier and more efficient way to apply and employers need to reduce their cost per applicant and reduce their time to hire.   That’s what we do. And we have to keep on delivering 8X more qualified applicants to employers.  

Work still goes on. 

We had a bit of a head start. For some the last two weeks have been a time of adjustment.  For us, we’ve been working remote since our inception. We’ve solved our meal problem with a meal kit delivery service.  When it comes to the kids– we are all in it together but we are already flexible on our internal calls when someone mutes for a baby, child, partner or pet interruption.  Work still goes on.

How do we do more with less?

At JobSync, it’s simple math. We improve the click through rate on job sites like Indeed, Monster and Facebook by hosting your applications directly on the job site.  We support custom questions, EEO compliance and allow applicants to use their stored information to deliver a complete application directly into employers’ ATS candidate workflow.  

How can we help?

If you haven’t heard of us and need to hire at scale we can help.  If you haven’t heard of us and need to lower your cost per applicant we can help. We’ve never needed to meet in person, there’s nothing we need to do onsite but what we deliver are qualified applicants from sites like Indeed, Facebook and Monster directly into your ATS candidate workflow.  If you have never worked remote and are looking for advice we can help. If you had your first work from home call interrupted by a family member- we’ve been there we can help. If you know how to use a bidet– we need you. You can help.