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The Amazonification of the Candidate Experience

    Candidate experience is a hot topic and has been for a while now. Most companies are finally beginning to realize that candidates, having many choices of where to work with 1.75 jobs available for every worker in the marketplace, increasingly expect their digital experience when applying to a job to mirror their shopping… Read more »

How Amazon Impacted Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Did you know’s 1-click payment solution changed more than shopping and has impacted your talent acquisition strategy? Amazon’s 1-click solution is so powerful because it reduces friction in the shopping experience.  Before Amazon invented 1-click payments they had a huge problem with people abandoning their carts.  This was their solution.  People have become so… Read more »

Increase Passive Candidate Applications By as much as 88%

If you have been struggling to find the most qualified candidates to work for your organization, chances are you need to restructure your approach. Here, you will find a few of the best tips on how to entice the best passive candidates to apply for open positions. Go Where the Candidates Are The first step… Read more »

How Amazon’s 1-Click Changed More Than Shopping

In 2017, nearly two decades after it was first introduced, the patent Amazon held on 1-click technology expired, and the world responded in an uproar of excitement. In an article published by Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania following the patent expiration, Professor R. Polk Kim was quoted saying… “When we write the history… Read more »