Increase Passive Candidate Applications By as much as 88%

If you have been struggling to find the most qualified candidates to work for your organization, chances are you need to restructure your approach. Here, you will find a few of the best tips on how to entice the best passive candidates to apply for open positions.

Go Where the Candidates Are

The first step in getting a passive candidate to apply for an open position is to let them know there is a position available. While most companies post their open positions on LinkedIn, Indeed, and CareerBuilder, chances are the most qualified passive candidates aren’t visiting those sites. If they aren’t actively searching for a job online, likely, they won’t eagerly take calls from recruiters either. 

To attract passive candidates, it’s imperative to go where they are. In the United States, 81% of adults have social media profiles, and 98% of the social media population is between 25-55 years old. Meaning, if you aren’t taking advantage of social media, you might be missing out on your next top-tier employee.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are ideal for engaging customers with your brand. They are tools you can use to attract your perfect employee. By posting about the work culture of your business, you can create curiosity in passive candidates about what it’s like to work for you. Then, you can leverage that curiosity by posting open positions on your profiles. 

Create Engaging Job Postings

Once you determine where to approach passive candidates, next, you must figure out how. Someone satisfied with their career isn’t going to apply for a job like every other job on the market. Therefore, to land the most qualified candidates you have to make your open positions sound like an opportunity they can’t (and wouldn’t want to) pass up.

Career experts suggest the best method to attract qualified candidates is to forego traditional job postings and create one that speaks to work culture and the benefits they can bring to a business. Furthermore, using media such as graphics or video in the posting is a great way to grab their attention as well.

Remove Friction From the Apply Process

Finally, if you want passive candidates to apply, you have to make the process as frictionless as possible. Take a page out of Amazon’s play book and make applying easy!  Amazon made online shopping easy with their 1-click experience.  Many platforms have also simplified the application process. Leverage the native apply experiences on platforms like Indeed and Facebook that give passive candidates the ability to send their resume in a few simple clicks.  

People who aren’t actively seeking a job aren’t going to complete a multi-step lengthy application that many times requires more than one sign-in or sign-up.  Passive candidates are more likely to send in a resume when the heavy lifting has already been done for them. Native apply solutions solve for this challenge and deliver high quality passive candidates.

According to there is an 88% increase in quality candidates when using their native apply tool, Indeed Apply.  Do not let the lack of ATS integrations stop you from using this powerful candidate acquisition tool!  If you are not using one of the small number of ATSs with Indeed Apply integrations there is now a tool from JobSync that is a one and done set-up that will link most ATSs to Indeed Apply and other native apply tools like Facebook Jobs.  It only takes a few minutes to set-up and gives you the ability to track the candidate source, turn on and off Indeed Apply or Facebook Jobs by job and have candidates from these sources pushed into your candidate workflow.  JobSync gives you the ability to source the right candidate, at the right time leveraging native apply tools and pushing it all into your ATS’s candidate workflow in near real time.

The bottom line? Start using native apply.  Increase your passive candidates by 88%, reduce your time to hire and increase the quality of your applicants!