Talent Acquisition Automation Platform

It’s the secret sauce that makes your recruiting tools and processes work for you.

What is a Talent Acquisition Automation Platform?

A Talent Acquisition Automation Platform (TAAP) is a multi-point, bi-directional platform that enables companies to keep the data in their various software systems in sync with each other, allowing for the bespoke rules and processes for data management and enrichment to be applied to their team’s workflows.

Multi-point Integrations

TAAP delivers multiple, flexible end-point integrations. Instead of a 1:1 relationship, TAAP builds data connections between your ATS and all the various tools in your recruiting tech stack.

Data Mapping & Enrichment

TAAP homogenizes data so it matches (maps) from one database to another. For example, a system that references “Michigan” can match a system that uses “MI.”

Rules, Filters, Triggers, & Actions

Whereas conventional integrations are point-to-point, TAAP is point-to-platform-to-point. The options are nearly endless and are dictated not by your vendors, but rather by your specific business processes.



Syncs all the tools in the tech stack, from sourcing to hire.

Creates great candidate experiences.

Removes manual tasks from the ‘spaces between’.

Improves the recruiter experience.

Injects each company’s custom requirements into the process flow.

Pulls exponentially more value from current systems.

TAAP saves effort by automating the ‘gaps’ between systems where manual effort is filling the void.

TAAP saves time by connecting many systems and building in your custom processes and workflows, then letting computers do the work.

TAAP saves money by creating hiring efficiencies that do not currently exist so you get exponentially more value out of your current systems.

Download the 2022 TAAP Report

Every recruiting team faces the same nagging problems: how to attract the right volume of quality candidates and move them through the hiring funnel fast and with the least possible friction. In one fast setup, you can remove all the friction in your recruitment processes and save hours of recruiter time.

  • Remove task and data silos
  • Automate information movement between disparate systems
  • Insert automation, filters, and/or rules between disparate systems
  • Eliminate the manual work needed to fill the gaps

Better for candidates. Better for recruiters. Better for scale.