It’s All About the Benjamins: Turn Your ROI into ROE (Recruiting Operational Efficiency)

Unless you live under a rock you have probably noticed that many of the popular job search platforms have recently undergone several significant changes. From how you post jobs to collecting information, and offering new integrations, the big job boards are continually changing the way we look and capture candidates.

IDuring this roundtable JobSync CEO Alex Murphy, CCO Leah Daniels, and special guest Jim Durbin dove into the recent changes the major job boards have made and what talent teams can do to take advantage of (or avoid completely).

  • Understanding the acronyms – the differences between CPC, PPC, PPA, and CPA and how they matter
  • Budgeting accordingly – where should you invest more and spend less?
  • What are the best options for your recruiting team?

Alex Murphy
CEO & Founder, JobSync

Alex has been an entrepreneur in the recruiting space for the last twenty years having founded or co-founded multiple businesses including, WorkHarmony, A3 Staffing, Epic59, and oPub Media. In addition to founding companies, Alex previously worked with Beyond, now Nexxt, as their SVP of Business Development and Candidate Acquisition, growing the business to over 60 million users.

Alex currently and has previously advised a number of businesses and organizations including TAtech, Jobiqo, FounderCorps, and CaddieNow.

If he weren’t working, Alex would spend as much time as possible skiing through the trees on the steepest mountains he can find.

Alex resides in Virginia just outside of Washington DC with his wife Kerry and three children.

Leah Daniels
Chief Commercial Officer, JobSync

Leah’s experience in the Talent Acquisition space spans the recruiting funnel from top to bottom. Most recently, Leah was an executive with the programmatic job ad platform Appcast, where she originally began as the VP of Business Development and Alliances and ultimately became the GM of SaaS operations where she oversaw strategy and key software growth.

Prior to joining Appcast, Leah was the Director of Product Strategy at Monster in the Software Solutions group. Earlier in her career, Leah also held the position of Director of Global Alliances and Business Development with Bullhorn.

Leah is a Boston University Alum where she graduated with a degree in Psychology and Sociology. Leah’s position as a leader in the industry began with several positions she held at ZoomInfo working with large enterprises seeking hard to find talent and later was granted a patent on detecting early behavior of candidates in social media.

Watch: It’s All About the Benjamins: Turn Your ROI into ROE (Recruiting Operational Efficiency)