Schooling Your C-Suite:
How to Prove the Value of Recruitment Marketing and TA Strategy to Leadership

Do executives appreciate the importance of recruiting within their organizations?

They know.
They say they know.

Yet, when it comes to funding, are you flush with the budget you need to properly staff the business or is every dollar a battle? Are the headlines confusing perceptions, when in reality, there is a lack of available talent needed for your business to succeed?

If you’re nodding your head, keep reading.

In three years at UBS, Jonna Sjovall, Global Head of Talent Attraction, has tripled her team by proving to leadership the impact of a talent strategy fueled by recruitment marketing.

Jonna, with James Ellis of Employer Brand Labs, joined and brought their expertise around coaching your leadership team on the value of TA.

Watch to learn about:

  • Building a talent acquisition strategy that reflects the various needs of the business
  • Setting your teams up for success to execute against the strategy
  • How to build the case to prove the value of recruitment marketing
  • Gathering, measuring, and interpreting the data to prove ROI

Jonna (Wikman) Sjövall

I have a very exciting job leading Talent Attraction at UBS.

My global team drives all Employer Branding and Recruitment marketing, Diversity Recruiting and Talent Attraction strategy across target groups for maximum results. We are the marketers within the UBS HR organization.

The main goal for us it to stay as employer of choice in an ever-evolving and highly competitive global landscape, engage the workforce of the future with us and attract the right talent to UBS for the right reasons, bringing in a diverse group of talent to bring us forward.

James Ellis

Employer Branding Nerd, Employer Brand Labs

Look, I love employer branding. I fell in love with it in 2014 and haven’t looked back. And while I’ve developed brands for fortune 1000 companies and 125-person startup, and everything in between, what I do best is teach people how to use employer branding, how to turn it into a force multiplier for recruiting, how to leverage it as the human side of their corporate brand, how to tell a story that great talent will fall in love with (even when there’s no job to apply for).

Watch: Schooling Your C-Suite: How to Prove the Value of Recruitment Marketing and TA Strategy to Leadership