How to Align a Mission-Driven Recruitment Strategy with Business Goals

Understanding the impact of a mission-driven recruiting strategy is essential for unlocking its potential to attract the right talent, increase retention, and align with your broader business objectives.

Watch our one-hour JobSync Recruitment Roundtable discussion featuring Bill Musman, Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Resource Management at AmeriHealth Caritas. During this conversation, we covered:

  • Practical approaches for developing a mission-driven recruiting strategy
  • How to activate your workforce to embody your mission as an employer
  • Ways to translate internal values to align to the reality of the business

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Bill Musman
Vice President of Talent Acquisition and
Resource Management
AmeriHealth Caritas

It started with a tap on my shoulder and a huge smile, “Bill, you changed my life”. Someone I had worked hard to recruit, and hire had just received a promotion. It was a moment early in my journey to becoming a recruiter that I never expected. For many of us in the Talent Acquisition profession this is a common theme…there is a moment we realize that being a recruiter is more than just another job and we never look back.

For me it has been over 20+ years. I consider myself a hands-on Talent Acquisition leader that enjoys coaching and mentoring recruiting teams for large, complex, global companies that are in high growth mode. I have a passion for partnering with senior leaders to execute hiring strategies that align to meaningful business outcomes and ensure candidates are treated with dignity and respect during their job search.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have led teams across the globe in APAC, Europe, India, LATAM, and North America to execute strategies for Recruiting Operations, Executive Search, Campus/Early Careers, and Employer Branding. With my background in Computer Science, I also have a knack for understanding and getting most of the technology we use to find, assess, hire, and on-board talent.

On the personal side, I am born, bred and live in Philadelphia (please don’t hold that against me). When I am not hanging out with my wife and 3 children, my other passion is coaching basketball…so most evenings you will probably find me in a gym teaching kids the finer points of the best game on earth!

Watch: How to Align a Mission-Driven Recruitment Strategy with Business Goals