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The Hiring Operations Playbook: Building Your Ops Function From the Ground Up

The ultimate guide on how to establish a robust Hiring and Recruiting Operations function from scratch, straight from the insights of industry experts who have paved the way in the world of Hiring Operations.

In our comprehensive playbook, we delve deep into the strategies, challenges, and successes faced by professionals from renowned organizations like Mastercard, GFiber, Randstad, Klaviyo, and RecOps Collective.

Building Your Foundation: The First 90 Days

Navigating an operations role requires a strategic approach. The initial days set the tone for your tenure, shaping the credibility of your function and laying the groundwork for future impact. Our playbook addresses key areas of responsibility within Hiring Ops, guiding you toward early wins and long-term success.

Key Steps to Success:

  1. Listen and Learn: Prioritize active listening and understanding the team’s dynamics. Uncover pain points, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement before diving into data analysis.
  2. Build Data Foundations: Data integrity forms the cornerstone of an effective Ops function. Identify discrepancies, gaps, and inefficiencies in your data ecosystem to enable informed decision-making.
  3. Secure Small Changes with Big Impact: Focus on implementing quick wins that offer immediate value to the business. From compliance to process optimization, strive to make tangible improvements early on.
  4. Communicate and Get Buy-In: Effectively communicate the value of hiring operations to cultivate trust and alignment across the organization. Build relationships, gain support, and navigate organizational dynamics with clarity and transparency.

Expert Insights and Practical Advice

Benefit from real-world experiences shared by industry leaders who have successfully shaped Hiring Operations functions. Dive into practical strategies, actionable steps, and invaluable advice that will empower you to establish a thriving Ops function, driving meaningful impact within your organization.

Start Your Ops Journey Today

Embark on your Hiring Ops journey armed with the knowledge, guidance, and best practices outlined in this playbook. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or venturing into uncharted territory, this resource serves as your compass in building a successful Hiring Ops function that drives organizational excellence and talent acquisition success.

The Hiring Operations Playbook - Part II: The First 90 Days and How to Build an Ops Function From Ground Zero