Digital Transformation Meets the Age of Talent Shortages

Is Artificial Intelligence the productivity solution that recruiters want and need right now?

Recruitment is changing fast, and if you want to find, hire, and keep great talent, you need to embrace digital transformation. Three key forces are driving this change: the ongoing talent shortages in the labor market, the outdated technology many companies use for recruitment, and the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Together, these forces are reshaping how recruitment works, and it’s essential for talent acquisition leaders to adapt and address the challenges they bring to stay competitive in today’s job market.

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  • Why there’s no time for sitting and waiting: The economy drives digital transformation—and the economy is saying it needs to happen now.
  • What digital transformation in recruiting actually is: What we mean when we talk about digital transformation, and why one-size-fits-all ATS integrations may not be the silver bullet you think they are.
  • What AI does for talent teams: The fundamental concepts of AI and how it can help achieve KPIs around recruiter efficiency and process management.
  • Whether AI is a game changer or an unvetted risk: The legal and ethical pitfalls of using AI as part of a digital transformation strategy.

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