The Times they are A-Changin’: How to Build a Playbook on Talent Acquisition Operations for Your Organization

Just a decade ago, the idea of hiring someone for roles like talent operations, enablement, or insights was unheard of in the corporate world, let alone appointing a leader for such a team. This function traditionally played second fiddle, often perched on the corner of a VP, Director, or Manager of Recruiting’s desk, constantly juggling the demands of tactical execution, coaching, and achieving critical objectives. Yet, the skill set required for excelling in this role frequently diverges from what makes an exceptional recruiting leader.

We featured Heidi Gerhard, the VP of Global Talent Acquisition Strategy & Operations at Mastercard for a discussion on how to implement fresh strategies aimed at harmonizing the recruitment operations function within your organization. From diving into analytics and ensuring compliance to assembling the right team, Heidi shared invaluable insights on discovering the ideal talent, optimizing processes, and building teams that stand the test of time.

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Heidi Gerhard
VP Global Talent Acquisition Strategy &

Heidi loves enabling organizations to tap into the power of their talent to maximize business performance. She entered the world of talent acquisition after spending some time as an Analyst on Wall Street where she experienced the importance leadership has on culture and employee engagement. It was then that her latent interest in HR resurfaced, and she knew she needed to play a role in shaping talent strategies to enable business growth.

She spent the majority of her career delivering this impact via Talent Acquisition from all sides of the “recruiting table” (executive search, in-house corporate recruiting, and RPO). Her approach blends thought leadership, innovation, simplification, execution excellence, and continuous improvement to grow an organization’s talent while improving culture and operations. Her foundation in talent assessment, employer branding, technology, analytics, interview presentation, talent development, and resume writing combine to deliver a panoramic candidate (and employee) experience.

Watch: The Times they are A-Changin’: How to Build a Playbook on Talent Acquisition Operations for Your Organization