The Amazonification of Recruiting
Where It’s Going Wrong and How to Do It Better

Recruiting got Amazonified…or did it? (Psst, not yet, but there is hope.)

Amazon has changed the way we buy things and transformed our expectations for shopping online. It’s now second nature to buy nearly anything with a single click and count on it being delivered in 2 days, or later this afternoon.

Amazon’s frictionless logistics and fulfillment network makes this possible, and its core philosophy of “customer obsession” has seeped into other industries — including recruiting. For hiring organizations, the idea is that if you put as much care into the candidate experience as Amazon puts into the customer experience, you’ll attract more candidates, strengthen your employer brand, increase job acceptance rates, and tip the hiring economics in your favor.

In this paper, we’re casting a critical eye on the current state of the Amazonification of recruiting, and what it will take to elevate your recruiting to the next level, by exploring:

  • What the recruiting industry means when it talks about Amazonification
  • What’s wrong with the current approach when companies Amazonify their processes
  • How recruiters can Amazonify the candidate experience while optimizing the recruiter experience, creating a win-win

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