Undercover Boss Needs to Be a Candidate at Their Own Company

Undercover Boss Needs to Be a Candidate at Their Own Company

All stop. Take out your phone. Navigate to www.indeed.com. Enter your company name. Click on the first job that belongs to your business. Turn on a timer. How long and how many clicks does it take to get from the first view of your job to success?

So much of the ‘candidate’ experience is tied up in this very first impression and that doesn’t even consider all the components that happen after that initial application experience.

How long does it take to call this candidate back?

How many interviews do we make them go through?

How many days or weeks before we update them or give them an offer?

Now imagine you’re a hiring manager. You need people and you need them now. You know you have a competitive salary, great benefits, a great employer brand, and are known as a great place to work – but the recruiting team says, “No one is applying.”

And you have to wonder if they aren’t applying or they aren’t finishing applying. It looks the same – empty candidate funnel.

Are you asking candidates to jump through too many hoops?

When was the last time you applied for a job? (I know you didn’t do it when I told you to at the beginning of this post). You know the steps. Get online, find a job board, type a job title, and start to scroll. Upon finding a great role you click apply. You might now get asked to enter some information. You hit submit on “your application” and you’re redirected to another site, with another apply button. Now you’re on a career page and being asked to create an account. (Worst.)

If CEOs knew how bad their application process was would they change it?

Within the last month we saw two separate posts from industry through leaders and it struck a chord. Companies are claiming to work on improving the candidate experience but are coming up short. So, what can be done to improve candidate experience and attract top talent? We need Undercover Boss to be a candidate in their own reality show.

Why is candidate experience still a disaster?

Companies are faced with two seemingly unmovable facts:

1. They are desperate for candidates

2. Their ATS, with all of its compliance components, is cumbersome for candidates to get through the application process.

And there is no way around this problem.