The Truth Behind The Biggest Native Apply Myths

Here, we’re going to bust a few of the myths surrounding Native Apply tools so you can feel confident in your application strategy.

Myth 1: Native Apply Tools Attract Unqualified Candidates

THE TRUTH: Every job posting will receive applications from unqualified candidates. However, Native Apply tools increase qualified passive candidate applications by as much as 88%. Passive candidates choose to use use Native Apply because it allows them to apply for new jobs on the go via their mobile phone.

Myth 2: Native Apply Tools Provide Low-Quality Information

THE TRUTH: Each platform that offers a Native Apply option has a unique approach to what information its tool provides to recruiters. Facebook and LinkedIn provide a snapshot of the candidates’ profiles whereas Indeed provides a previously uploaded resume. Likewise, most platforms also offer the opportunity to add limited custom questions and spaces for attachments.

Myth 3: Hiring Via Native Apply Provides a Negative Candidate Experience

THE TRUTH: Native Apply offers candidates a positive experience by meeting some of their most pertinent needs. By creating a simplified process that is streamlined, Native Apply allows candidates to apply for jobs wherever they are. Furthermore, Native Apply simplifies the first step of the hiring process and helps to reduce the overall hiring timeline.

Myth 4: Native Apply is Only for Entry-Level Jobs

THE TRUTH: Native Apply is not only for entry-level positions. In fact, many Native Apply tools were designed for upper-level job openings because they utilize previously created profiles those employees already have. Furthermore, when applying for jobs, management and executive-level employees prefer to use native apply because it saves time and is easy to use.

Myth 5: Native Apply is Not Scalable

THE TRUTH:  Many employers shy away from Native Apply tools because most times the completed application is sent via email.  However, now, Native Apply tools can be scaled and integrated with an employer’s ATS. Job Sync seamlessly syncs most ATSs with Native Apply tools like Indeed Apply and Facebook Jobs.. JobSync enables an employer’s  ATS to receive completed applications in near-real-time, so you never have to miss a beat in the hiring process.


If you’re ready to take your talent search strategy to the next level, integrating Native Apply is a great way to attract qualified passive and active candidates. Stop believing the myths about Native Apply and start using it today. Schedule a free overview with a JobSync team member!