The Impact of the New SEC Human Capital Management Disclosure Requirements on Talent Acquisition

Recently the The Securities and Exchange Commission has changed their disclosure requirements to include a new requirement that public companies disclose information about “human capital resources.” Overall there is a greater desire for transparency in workforce management and an understanding of the relationship between workforce management and bottom line growth. This includes disclosing information regarding the “attraction” of personnel.

This week at the Roundtable Solange Charas, PhD., and Founder and CEO of HCMoneyball and Distinguished Principal Research Fellow at The Conference Board will walk everyone through what this means for those in Talent Acquisition at public companies and private companies.

While many may think this new requirement only applies to public companies there are a number of members of Congress who are interested in and support the new SEC requirements. It is not a stretch to say this could lead to reporting requirements that affect businesses large and small, public and private.

For those in private companies we will discuss how to prepare for what may come.

We will discuss:

  1. What are the new SEC reporting requirements as it relates to Talent Acquisition?
  2. How are some companies tackling these requirements today?
  3. What metrics should Talent Acquisitions professionals start tracking today?
  4. What resources are available today for Talent Acquisition professionals to reference to navigate these changes?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Solange Charas, PhD., is Founder and CEO of HCMoneyball, Distinguished Principal Research Fellow at The Conference Board, Adjunct Professor, Master’s of Human Capital Management at Columbia, USC, NYU. Recognized expert in Human Capital Analytics. BA, UC Berkeley, MBA, Cornell University, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University. Author of: “Winter is Coming – The Approaching Human Capital Storm” in The Handbook of Board Governance, 2nd. Ed.

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