The Best Opportunity To Get Candidates Is Happening Now! ARE YOU READY?

An orange name tag that has "Hired!" written on it

It’s the most wonderful time of the hiring year when you can outmaneuver all the slow pokes out there and get the newest, juiciest, ripest, freshest candidates on the market.


A picture from our friends at Indeed is worth a thousand words:

A chart of searches and jobs on around January 2019

Why do candidates apply for jobs right after the New Year?

Typically it really hits full force and effect on the first Monday after the new year, but it starts to build right after the Christmas holiday and then steps up on the first working day after the new year (thank you New Year’s resolutions).

But companies have a process – new year, new budgets, new approvals, refreshed job descriptions, vacations, etc. and so those jobs that are your top priority make it to the market weeks after the spike of candidates has already happened and the competition has already capitalized on the prime opportunity.

As a recruiting organization, especially in a tight candidate market, it should be your December plan to have your ducks aligned to get jobs to market on January 2nd at the latest (and December 27th if you are Johnny on the spot). For every day you get a job out ahead of the rest of the market you have a significantly better chance of engaging with interested candidates who aren’t even aware of your competition’s desire to connect with those same candidates.

Happy hunting!