The Benefits of Integrating Your ATS with Native Apply 

Fast forward to today and technology has evolved immensely since ATSs were first introduced. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Indeed have developed native apply tools that allow candidates to send their applications to employers directly from their platform with profiles and resumes already stored.  This allows candidates to apply in a few simple steps vs. moving from one platform into an employer ATS. When an employer posts a job to a job search platform, they have the ability to activate the native apply option for interested candidates. 

Separately, ATSs and native apply tools each have their own benefits. Used together, however, ATSs and native apply have the power to significantly improve the entire candidate search process. Here’s how.

More Applications, Less Manual Labor

By using native apply tools you can increase quality passive candidate applications by 88%. Typically an increase in native apply applications creates more manual work. With an ATS, however, the process is streamlined and all application information is funneled into one system without any manual data entry.  JobSync, enables this function in most ATSs.  Even if you do not have a native apply integration available JobSync pushes your native apply applications directly into your ATSs candidate workflow.

A Simplified Candidate Screening Process

Each job platform that has a native apply tool has its own method of collecting candidate information. For example, Facebook collects profile information and custom questions while Indeed uploads a resume. Using these tools individually can be a nightmare for an HR professional. When JobSync is used to connect your ATS additional custom questions can be captured and a complete resume is received from the candidate.  This creates a complete profile all pushed into the right candidate workflow in your ATS in near real time. 

Create a Seamless Native Apply and ATS Integration with JobSync

If you’re worried that your ATS won’t integrate with native apply tools, there’s no need to worry anymore. Now, you can seamlessly integrate almost any ATS with any native apply tool thanks to a simple, one and done set up from JobSync. With JobSync’s custom-tailored assistance, you can easily post jobs to platforms, turn on and off native apply tools, retrieve candidate applications in one location, and analyze the information in near real-time. It’s time to start capturing all of those quality applicants you are missing!