The 5 Best Benefits of Recruitment Automation

Many companies use recruitment automation to improve the functionality of their hiring process. Recruitment automation is made possible by a variety of  technology that works together to streamline components of the hiring process. Some of the most popular components of recruitment automation include:

  1. Online and Social Job Advertisements

  2. Candidate Screening

  3. Candidate Assessments

  4. Interview Scheduling

  5. Candidate Ranking

  6. Employee Onboarding

Each of these components works in its own way to benefit a company. Businesses that desire better results from their hiring process should look to recruitment automation and the benefits it offers.

Reduces The Time To Hire

Today’s candidates desire instant gratification in the form of a fast hiring process. Although most companies report an average hiring process time of 23 days, most candidates expect the hiring process to be completed within 48 hours to 2 weeks. By implementing technology that fast-forwards the hiring process by putting the best resumes in recruiters’ hands, the average time to hire can be reduced by days if not weeks.

Eliminates Common Hiring Biases

In an ideal world, there would be no hiring biases. As long as humans exist, however, there will always be some degree of bias in every process. Automated recruiting methods eliminate common hiring biases by reducing human intervention. The Average ATS system can be set up to screen, sort, and prioritize job candidates based on necessary skills and experience; eliminating opportunities for similarity bias, conformity bias, and judgment bias along with other typical forms of hiring bias.

Upgrade The Quality of Hire

Companies that want to improve their quality of hire need to find ways to get their jobs in front of the most qualified people and focus on the consistency of their process. Automated recruiting tools make it possible for companies to send advertisements to where the best candidates (passive candidates) are, including their social media feed and favorite websites. Likewise, there are automation tools that make it easier for passive candidates to apply from their mobile devices. By getting in front of the best candidates quickly, companies can provide more attention to applicants and conducting a thorough interview process. These few, simple steps lend to companies upgrading the quality of people they employ.

Remove Tedious Tasks

Much of a recruiter’s day-to-day job is tedious, repetitive tasks including reading through resumes, sending emails, and sorting through paper applications. Fortunately, there are tools designed to assist with such tasks that remove much of the workload from a recruiter’s desk. These automation tools are beneficial because they give recruiters more time to focus on humanizing the experience.

Improves The Candidate Experience

One of the best things a company can do for its hiring process is to improve the candidate experience. Passive candidates need a good reason to leave their current place of employment. The hiring process demonstrates company culture, values, and priorities to passive candidates and gives them a good indication of what life with the company will be like. If the process is not seamless and positive, passive candidates have no reason to come aboard. Automated systems work to create a seamless process that attracts the most qualified individuals.

Native Apply + JobSync Improve The Automated Hiring Process

With Native Apply + JobSync you can improve your hiring process and make it easier for the most qualified candidates to apply. Leveraging Native Apply tools like, Indeed Apply, makes your application more attractive to passive candidates. JobSync automates Native Apply tools by delivering a completed application into your ATS.  Freeing up recruiters time and delivering a candidate first application experience and delivering those applications with custom questions into your candidate workflow. 

Schedule an overview of Native Apply + JobSync to see how it can work for you.