Roundtable – Get Beyond Good Intentions with DE&I

In this week’s Roundtable we are going to learn how to “get beyond good intentions as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion with this week’s guest Paul RubenstienVisier’s Chief People Officer,

Paul will talk about the importance of leveraging your data to create change. He will discuss the importance of connecting hiring practices to outcomes in order to meaningfully impact DE&I in an organization.

He will also walk everyone through the Open Heart, Open Book, Open Mind framework. This framework moves us away from relying on individuals ‘doing the right thing’ to connecting intention and accountability.

We will discuss:

  1. How do you connect hiring practices to outcomes that meaningfully impact DE&I?

  2. How can data shape everyone’s dialog around diversity, equity, and inclusion?

  3. Are program investments changing outcomes?

  4. Are spoken “good intentions” turning into actions?

  5. Do we all have an objective view of the challenge?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.


With more than 25 years of experience consulting and working in HR, Paul Rubenstein has extensive expertise in leading the transformation of Talent Strategies and HR Functions, with work spanning M&A integration, corporate strategy, total rewards, outsourcing, and service delivery design. Paul most recently served as Visier’s Vice President of Advisory Services where he worked with senior executives from Global 2000 organizations to help them drive change through data-driven HR practices. Prior to Visier, Paul was a partner at Aon Hewitt, where he advised large enterprise HR leaders on talent and HR function strategy, and was the general manager of the leadership and assessment businesses. Paul’s experience includes global consulting at Mercer and working in the HR functions of Home Box Office, Scholastic, and Hyatt Hotels.