Roundtable – Remarketing and Recruiting- How one company solved their Covid labor challenges.

This week on the roundtable we will be joined by Shelley Billinghurst, President Hire Value Inc and the “Shelley” from the The Recruitment Flex with Serge and Shelley podcast and Renée Rust Manager, Recruitment at CEDA. Shelley and Renée will walk us through how they used remarketing to overcome CEDA’s recruiting challenges due to Covid.

Shelley and Renée will share with attendees how they were able to zero in on key local populations and deliver the right message at the right time in order to fill the season positions locally vs. the pre-Covid strategy of flying in outside workers. This strategy proved so effective that CEDA has re-thought their recruiting strategies as they plan for a post-Covid world. Their simple and effective approach has a number of cross applications for other industries.

We will discuss:

  1. How did the Covid travel restrictions impact CEDA’s recruitment strategy?
  2. How did CEDA leverage remarketing and competitive analysis to attract local talent?
  3. How can other employers in other industries leverage a similar strategy?
  4. What are the long term impacts CEDA anticipates from the change in this year’s recruitment strategy?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

With over 25 years of specializing in recruitment, Shelley brings an expert level understanding of the provincial, national and global labor market. She has a keen eye for connecting industry trends, recruitment technology, a passion for recruitment marketing & advertising and brings these insights to her clients across Canada and the US.

After spending her career in the corporate world both executive search and leading in-house recruitment departments, her inner entrepreneur called, so she started her own firm, Hire Value Inc. in November 2014. Hire Value Inc. has established a reputation for delivering innovation & results. With a cult like online following, Shelley has published over 130 articles on Recruitment & HR topics and is the Co-Host of Canada’s No. 1 HR podcast, The Recruitment Flex. In 2021, Shelley was nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, a national recognition program from the Global Women of Influence organization.

Shelley has 3 children – the two oldest are young men, who are attending the University of Calgary, the youngest, Brooklyn, is in grade 11, a music enthusiast and sings in a performance band. Our lives, pre-covid was all about music festivals. We traveled across Canada, the US and Japan. Once the world returns, our dream is to attend a music festival in Spain or Germany.

Shelley is 2nd generation Canadian and volunteers her time with numerous causes including not-for-profit board level coaching, job seeker strategy sessions and fund raising for community based women focused not for profits.

With over 10 years at CEDA Renée is focused on strategically recruiting for CEDA. She is a member of the Association of Professional Recruiters and the Human Resources Institute of Alberta.