Native Apply Makes It Easy for Busy Candidates To Apply

Here, we’ll take a look at who the busiest candidates are and how utilizing Native Apply saves them time. 

Busy Moms Are Some of the Most Qualified Active Candidates

According to recent research, some of the most qualified active candidates in today’s market are moms. Moms today (ages 25-40) are capable, highly skilled, educated individuals looking for an outlet for their professional skills. Moms who re-enter the workforce go above and beyond for the company that hires them. When it comes to time, however, studies show that stay-at-home-moms spend over 90 hours per week tending to their children and their household. Therefore, moms looking to re-enter the workforce do not have an abundance of spare time to sit down and fill out applications.

Management-Level Employees Are Open To New Opportunities

The number one reason people change positions is because of new job opportunities including the chance to make more money, receive better benefits, or advance in their careers. Currently, most executive-level employees who change jobs do so because someone approaches them with an opportunity. As some of the most qualified candidates, however, mid-level to executive-level employees do not have extra time to devote to filling out the appropriate applications. With a more than 60 hour workweek, these highly sought after candidates need an easier way to apply.

Native Apply Takes The Work Out of Job Applications

The average online application takes at least 13 minutes to complete. For most candidates, landing a new job requires multiple applications. Therefore, such a long and tedious process can detour a qualified, busy candidate from even trying. Enter, Native Apply. Native Apply is a simple job application solution that saves busy candidates hours each week.   If you are not familiar with Native Apply it is the apply tools native to a particular site that provides candidates with a simplified application experience leveraging a candidate’s profile. Native Apply tools remove the friction many times involved in the application process and create a highly sought-after candidate experience on any size screen always optimized for mobile. Some of the most popular Native Apply tools are Indeed Apply, LinkedIn Apply and newcomers like Facebook Jobs. All of these tools do the heavy lifting when it comes to a candidate’s application. When clicked a recruiter receives a complete profile of the candidate along with answers to custom questions related to the specific job. For companies that are committed to attracting the best candidates, Native Apply is essential. Easy to use, Native Apply entices busy candidates to apply by offering the fastest solution. 

Native Apply and JobSync Save Time for HR Professionals

As an HR professional or hiring manager, you know that qualified candidates aren’t the only busy people – you are too! Native Apply tools + JobSync enables you to save both time and money in your hiring process. When enabled, Native Apply tools send application information directly to your company’s ATS in near-real-time and into your candidate workflow.  As a result, you can identify the most qualified candidates and start the interview process in record time.