Make Google for Jobs + Native Apply Part of Your Qualified Candidate Search 

What is Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs is an intuitive job search platform that enables active candidates to find jobs using the Google search bar. When open positions are posted to a company website or job search platforms like Indeed, Career Builder, or Monster, they are picked up by Google and appear in relevant searches. 

Google for Jobs Simplifies the Job Search

Google leverages intuitive AI technology to pair candidates with ideal job openings. To use the platform, candidates enter search criteria into Google’s home page. From there, Google analyzes the data to provide a plethora of relevant openings. To simplify the search, Google also provides multiple filter options including employer, title, location, and date posted.

For recruiters and employers, Google for Jobs is a simple way to attract an abundance of qualified candidates. Because Google for Jobs sources postings from multiple platforms, candidates see all of the jobs they are qualified for instead of a select few. Likewise, when postings are made available to Google for Jobs, more candidates view them than if they were posted only to a single site.

How can Google for Jobs benefit you as an employer?

  1. More exposure to qualified candidates

  2. Better search result rankings

Google for Jobs + Native Apply Benefit the Candidate Search

One of the most exciting features Google for Jobs offers candidates is Native Apply. With every search result within the platform, candidates are presented with the option to apply via LinkedIn, Indeed, Career Builder, or other websites with as little as one click. With so many application avenues available, candidates can choose the most convenient option.

JobSync Makes Scaling Native Apply Tools Easier

If you are using Google for Jobs, there is a simple way to ensure your ATS is ready for the applications you will receive – JobSync. With the help of JobSync you can easily leverage the Native Apply solution on most platforms and have the candidates completed application pushed directly into your ATS in near real time. No matter what platform you originally post open positions to, JobSync streamlines candidate applications directly into your ATS in order to leverage Native Apply at scale.

By choosing to use Google for Jobs and Native Apply in conjunction with JobSync, you are choosing to give your candidates the best possible job search and application experience – hands down.