Press Release – JobSync Wins Chad & Cheese “Death Match”

For Immediate Release
May 11, 2020
Contact: Amy Warren

Washington, D.C.: JobSync, an HR Tech Start-up focused on creating a simple, seamless, and secure hiring experience was selected as the winner in the first Chad & Cheese Death Match in 2020.

“Chad & Cheese know how to put a company on the hot seat and I’m proud that we were able to take the heat!” said JobSync CEO, Alex Murphy.  “Thank you to our fellow Death Match participants.  It was great to learn about everyone’s solution and participate.” continued Murphy.

“In the new Covid world we find ourselves in, it’s clear that enabling a hosted apply solution on sites like Indeed and Facebook is integral to automating recruiting at the top of the funnel whether it be for companies needing to hire at scale or companies searching for the right candidate amongst an influx of applications.” added Murphy.  “When many companies need to do more with less we are able to deliver applicants directly into the candidate workflow, decrease CPAs by as much as 50% and allow companies to do more with smaller budgets and teams,” concluded Murphy.

The Chad & Cheese Death Match is a shark tank-like competition among four early stage companies.  The most recent held at TATech Digital Europe from April 28-29th.  JobSync was selected amongst three other competitors: SonicJobs, Optimal and CloudRPO as the Death Match winner.

JobSync launched in February 2019 and is self-funded with some of the first early adopters to include companies like TripAdvisor.  JobSync enables companies to automate the top of the funnel and push candidates directly into their ATS candidate workflow from the jobsite without requiring a click-off to an ATS landing page.  By reducing friction in the apply process JobSync is able to increase employers’ click through rate, decrease their cost per applicant and increase quality of hires all while reducing time to hire.  For more information about JobSync visit